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The first of the four operas that complete Richard Wagner’s "Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung)," Das Rheingold (The Rhine Gold), is a theatrical journey that has fascinated and enthralled millions around the world. Originally written as an introduction to Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung), the opera is now regarded as a part of the complete "Ring" or "Cycle" that portrays Wagner’s tale. The Ring of the Nibelung is based on four operas beginning with Das Rheingold (The Rhine Gold), "Die Walkure (The Valkyrie)," "Siegfried" and ends with "Gotterdammerung (Twilight of the gods)." The Ring of the Nibelung is commonly called the "Ring," "Wagner’s Ring" or "Ring Cycle." It took over twenty-six years for Wagner to write the music and "libretto" from 1848 to 1874. Even though Wagner intended the operas to be performed in a sequence, the individual operas are often performed separately. The show opened at National Theatre in 1869 as an individual opera show even though Wagner wanted to exhibit the complete cycle. The 1876 premiere of the opera was presented in the form of a complete cycle and took place at Bayreuther Festspielhaus. The opera continues to amaze and intrigue fans from around the globe and has become a cultural phenomenon that explores the themes of love and power. By acquiring Das Rheingold tickets, the audience can make sure to witness the riveting and exhilarating plot by the world-renowned German theater director, conductor and composer Richard Wagner.

Born in 1813, Richard Wagner established himself as a reputed composer with works that mostly fell under the romantic influences of "Meyerbeer" and "Weber" including "Tannhauser" and "The Flying Dutchman." Wagner was known for his concept of "total work of art," which he introduced through the transformation of opera into an amalgamation of visual, poetic, dramatic art and music. Initially released in a series of essays from 1849 to 1852, the concept was more strongly realized and depicted through his monumental work "Der Ring des Nibleunn." His operas were highly popular and were praised for their "orchestration," "affluent harmonies" and "intricate textures." He also used detailed musical themes that were associated with various design elements or individual ideas, places or characters.
Wagner greatly influenced the European "classical music" development through his innovative and creative techniques in musical language such as using quick tonal center shifting and indulging in intense chromaticism. His work managed to influence various forms of art including theater, visual art, literature as well as philosophy. His determination and passion for displaying his operas in an unrestrained environment led him towards building a unique and advance opera house Bayreuth Festspielhaus. Das Rheingold received its first premiere along with other three operas at the Bayreuth Opera house, and it continues to showcase Wagner’s premiere work at annual festivals.
Wagner’s masterpieces are often considered his late work, which includes the popular "The Ring Cycle" comprising of Das Rheingold. The four set opera show is loosely based on German mythology elements and figures specifically from the "Middle High German Nibelungenlied," "Volsunga Saga" and the "Old Norse Poetic Edda" belonging to the late mythology of "Norse." Even though Das Rheingold is the first of the series, the opera was conceived in the last. Wagner decided to include the early period of the hero "Siegfried." Initially a trilogy, the Ring received a prelude opera that explored the youth of Siegfried and the events revolving around his conception as well as the fate of "Valkyrie Brunhiilde" for saving his parents against the orders of "Wotan."
Das Rheingold continues to amaze worldwide audiences since its first premiere more than a century ago. The popular prelude opera to Wagner’s initial trilogy series The Ring, "The Rhine Gold" is now performed as a separate opera and is regarded as Wagner’s finest works. With powerful underlying themes of love and power, fused under the beautiful and mystifying depths of German mythology of gods and immortals, the opera truly highlights the theatrical significance of art and history. Witnessing the show will mesmerize and sway the audience into the magical world of myths and ancient art. By acquiring Das Rheingold tickets, the audience and fans can make sure to indulge in one of the finest pieces of literature being performed on stage with a magical and enchanting music all composed and joined by the renowned Richard Wagner. 

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