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You must have watched a magic show when you were very young… at a birthday party most probably. Well, it is time to relive those memories with David Copperfield, the illusionist par excellence. This time you will take away with you memories of such an amazing experience that you will want to come back and watch it again. David Copperfield tickets are available now. Purchase them as quickly as possible and have the time of your life!

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David Copperfield, real name David Seth Kotkin, was born in New Jersey. His parents ran a haberdashery for men. Copperfireld began practicing magical tricks at the age of ten. He used to take up the avatar of "Davino the Boy Magician" and perform magic in his neighborhood. Two years later he was given admission to the Society of American Magicians. He became the youngest person to have done so. Initially he used his magic to get girls or fit in. It was later after the age of fifteen that he started looking at it as a career path. At same time he became interested in Broadway. An evidence of his genius can be found in the fact that by the time he turned sixteen he was teaching magic at New York University.
Two years later, while studying at Fordham University, he got the lead role in a musical named The Magic Man. It was only then that he adopted his stage name, David Copperfield from the novel of Charles Dickens. At nineteen, he started headlining shows hosted at the Pagoda Hotel. His career in television began a few years later when a Broadway producer, Joseph Cates, discovered him. Consequently, he appeared in a magic special on the channel ABC called "The Magic of ABC" in the year 1977. Since then there have been twenty such special shows of Copperfield on television. He also appeared in a few films but in all of them he was given the role of a magician.  This was because it was his magic that stood him apart from the rest.
Over the years, David Copperfield has performed illusions on such a grand scale that the world was left stunned and speechless. Many trick busters have tried to unravel his illusions but they remain a mystery even to this day. Some of his most famous illusions include making the Statue of Liberty vanish in thin air, flying over the Grand Canyon and passing through the Great Wall of China unscathed. He compiled some his tricks in an anthology called David Copperfield’s Tales of the Impossible (1996). Following this, his show on Broadway titled "Dreams & Nightmares" set new records at the box office.
David Copperfield has been declared Forbes magazine as the greatest commercial success in the history of entertainment.  He has been nominated for an Emmy Award thirty eight times out of which he has won twenty one awards. In his illustrious career spanning over thirty years, he has set eleven Guinness World Records. He has been inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The French government has bestowed him with a knighthood. The US Library of Congress has given him the name of a "Living Legend". Commercial success can be depicted by the number of tickets he has sold which is forty million and earned revenue of more than three billion dollars. These are the highest figures amassed by solo entertainer in the history of time. He is in-demand and performs more than five hundred shows in a single year.
Taking inspiration from entertainment history-makers like Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Walt Disney, David Copperfield has taken the path less trodden. He has turned his unique art form into a brand which has music and lyrics of its own. It is breathtaking and enthralling… an experience worth having. So don’t miss your once in a lifetime chance and buy the David Copperfield tickets as soon as possible.

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