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Psychedelic colors leap out from everywhere, splashing their vivid hues over everything they touch. Loud thumping, jarring and screeching sounds abound, throwing the revelers into a frenzied reverie. Luminous creatures lurk in every nook and cranny of this dark domain, belching out their glowing ooze at every gyrating entity and swooping down upon the crowd from their lofty perches. Rather than being a depiction of Dante’s Hell, this atmosphere is more apt as being the hallmark of every DayGlow event. Commanding thousands of attendees in a luminescent paint throwing free-for-all frenzy, whilst grinding and dancing to electronic music blasting from all sides, DayGlow also dubbed as “The World’s Largest Paint Party,” has dished out a rollicking time to hundreds of thousands of reality escapists across the US as well as in other parts of the world. And you can become one of them paintheads by getting your own Syracuse DayGlow tickets.

Though the phenomenon of DayGlow got illuminated out of the college paint parties thrown at Florida State, its legacy can be traced right back to the 1930s Depression era when one Robert Switzer’s comatose tragedy resulted in a fluorescent discovery. Along with his brother Bob, Joe developed the paint and marketed it under the brand name of Day-Glo, which spread from having and initial market of magicians to one that literally put a price tag on life or death. Day-Glo dyed fabrics were credited with saving the lives of grounds troops in WWII from falling prey to friendly fire from Allied dive bombers. Day-Glo paint, that emits visible light when bombarded with invisible ultraviolet rays, has since then been used in nearly every field from engineering, electronics and medicine to fashion, decoration and yes of course, partying in true DayGlow style!

Sebastian Solano and his band of merrymakers had been active partygoers since their teens like any typical Tallahassee high-schooler. However, their partying shenanigans got upgraded with them transitioning to Florida State, which an enterprising Solano transformed into the textbook embodiment of “business up front, party in the back”. Dropping out of college, in the grand tradition of many renegade entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, Sebastian and his mates started landing upon Florida college campuses with paint guns and throwing elaborate concerts juiced up with electronic music. The motley crew, organizing themselves as Committee Entertainment in 2007, morphed their act from creating some ripples in small venues to crashing down wave after wave, flooding the Tallahassee night life. Also having other major events such as the “Great White” party and Halloween themed “Dance of the Dead” under its belt, Committee Entertainment has taken DayGlow from a statewide presence to a nation and worldwide luminescence.

With DayGlow Orlando as being one their first events and luring in 5,500 fans, successive venues have entailed sold-out shows. With their debut international tour DAYGLOW Cancun 2010 selling out its first show, DayGlow commandeered thousands of attendees at the 2009 and 2010 Ultra Music Festival in Miami from its own stage. Featuring the revved up musical outpourings of DJs such as Roger Sanchez, Starkillers, Robbie Rivera, Laidback Luke, Austin Leeds and David Berrie, DayGlow shows create an electrifying atmosphere that leaves everybody charged up and wanting for more. When DayGlow hit PuertoRico in February this year, Philly DJ Diplo kept a 10,000 strong crowd writhing about in pure revelry as well as the 125 odd gallons of fluorescent paint.

With a countdown preceding every patented Paint Blast from DayGlow’s cannons, the expectant victims go through their paint dance moves more frantically than any Native American doing the rain dance. With the glowing hordes looking more like an invasion of the aliens from the planet of Pandora in Avatar , DAYGLOW Blu (beats love unity) is landing upon the biggest cities in the US such as Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago as well as London, Cancun and Melbourne. So get your Syracuse DayGlow tickets now to book your place on a flight that will carry you out of this world and then back in a splash of light.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Are there dayglow hartford tickets for children too?

A:Yes, dayglow hartford ct Tickets are available for everyone.

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A:No, there isn't any specific students discount on dayglow syracuse ny Tickets, however we sell tickets at reasonable rates for everyone.

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A:You can purchase promo codes for dayglow Tickets to get discount on them.

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A:Yes, you can collect your Dayglow Tickets directly from the designated counters at the arena.

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A:No, as per the company policy, you can only buy Dayglow Tickets by American Express, Visa, Master card and Discover.

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