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Death of a Salesman is an American play that inaugurated for the first time in 1949 and is the winner of Tony and Drama Desk awards. Written by Arthur Miller, Death of a Salesman is a mega performance aired for more than 742 times with the original production only. The play has been adapted by numerous international theatres and has received a bunch of internationally recognized award nominations. The production was opened for audience for the first time in February 1949 at the Morosco Theatre in New York City.

Over the years, the play has been put up for shows on international forums alongside a few adaptations, which received quite a few awards. These include Tony Award for Best Revival of a Play and the Best Reproduction in 1984 alongside winning the Outstanding Revival Award at the Drama Desk Awards the same year. Following another adaptation of the death of a salesman in 1999, the play received 'Outstanding Revival of a Play' at the Drama Desk Awards and the 'Best Revival of a Play' at the Tony Awards.
The play was also transformed into a movie in 1985 and then again in 2000. The story of the play Death of a Salesman revolves around the lead character Willy Loman, who is the salesman. The story is somewhat following a tragic plot where it takes the viewers through the ups and downs of the life of the salesman.
The first scene of the play kicks off where Willy gets back from home extremely tired. Seeing the rotten condition of her husband, Willy’s wife suggests he talks to his boss and seeks a way out such that he does not have to go away from home much, which she suggested could be done by working within his home city. A little while later, both sons of Willy are introduced to the crowd. Biff and Happy have a few scenes to themselves where they sit and reminisce about their childhood and how they have witnessed their father come down to where he is today. Biff is a young talented child making considerable progress in his school’s athlete team. However, some of his grades concern his parents.
Following an unfortunate series of incidents, Willy gets fired by his boss who asks him to go get some rest. After being fired, Willy pays a visit to his friend where he meets his son who is now a successful lawyer and wishes his son was also successful in his life and starts to think about what happened to Biff as he was a brilliant kid initially. The story of the Death of a Salesman moves forward as the sons and father meet in a restaurant where Willy does not take the bad news from Biff so well and all of them get into an argument where Willy goes back into flashback where he was on a sales trip with a beautiful young colleague and Biff arrives to visit his father. He realizes that ever since there has been a weird distance between father and son, and they never connect as they used to. The sons leave the restaurant after having an argument with their dad whereas Willy keeps sitting in the restaurant confused as hell as to what to do next. Upon returning home, the boys get scolded by their mother for abandoning their father in the restaurant, at which Biff goes to talk to his father which lands them into another fierce argument and convinces Willy that he was never meant for something great and being his son, he can’t do anything great either. The tragic story moves further taking the audience through various phases of Willy and his family.
Death of a Salesman is an inspirational story for those thinking who do not qualify for something great to contribute to this world. Here is your chance to grab Death of a Salesman tickets and treat yourself to a slice of reality. Act fast as these tickets are expected to sell out soon.

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