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Die Walkure is a famous opera by Richard Wagner, one of the most legendary composers of all time.  For opera fans in particular and theater enthusiasts in general, this is performing arts it its best. So fans grab your Die Walkure tickets and watch this eternal classic in all its splendor and glory.

 Die Walkure is labeled as Richard Wagner’s best creation. Richard was born on 22nd May, 1813 and was fascinated by theater from a vey early age. He started to learn music in 1828 and which was the time when he was first exposed to the 7th and the 9th symphonies by Beethoven. Those two classics started turned Beethoven into his inspiration. Die Feen was the first opera he created but it wasn’t put on stage till after his death. His first success came when he wrote Rienzi in the year 1840. It received a lot of acclaim for everywhere which put Wagner on the map.  More epics like The Flying Dutchman, Tannhauser, Gesamtkunstwerk, Wedding March and Die Walkure followed in subsequent years to cement his reputation as a unique composer. A lot of his compositions were way ahead of the times and are considered the first steps to modern theater and music. He is also regarded among the artists who laid the foundations for classical music in Europe. Every opera not only had the music composed by Richard but also had its libretto done by the man himself.
Wagner’s Die Walkure is second opera in the series of four which combine to form Der Ring des Nibelungen. Inspired by the Norse mythology, the opera has been an immense success over the years. It has been created and re-created multiple times over to become one of the greatest works of Wagner. The story of the Opera continues from the first one of the series and starts with Siegmund, a Walsung taking shelter in a stranger’s home to avoid a storm and his enemies. There he gets to meet Sieglinde and they instantly fall in love with each other. Sieglinde however is in an unhappy marriage to Hunding who is not at home at that time. Siegmund is given a drink by Sieglinde but when he tries to leave she stops him from doing so.
In the meanwhile Hunding returns and asks Siegmund to tell his story as to how he ends up in their home. Siegmund tells them that one day when he returned home with his father he found out that his mother was murdered and his sister was kidnapped. One day while wandering around he came across as wedding where he saw a girl being married without her consent. So he fought with her relatives but the bride is killed and he runs to save his life and that is how he reached their home. After hearing his story, Hunding tell him that he is one of the bride’s relatives looking to kill him. He then allows Siegmund to spend the night at his house but they are to battle in the morning. Turn of events reveal an astonishing story within the story to form the core of this magnificent opera that you can catch live by simply buying Die Walkure tickets.
The Die Walkure debuted on 26th June, 1870 at the National Theatre Munich. It was only fitting that this sensational opera is performed at the Bayreuth Festival for it is an event dedicated to exclusively showcasing and playing the works created by Richard. Die Walkure made its debut at the festival on 14th August, 1876. It made its first appearance in the U.S. at the Academy of Music on 2nd April, 1877. It is one of the very few operas that have all the hallmarks of what Richard and his talents stood for. For well over a century this magnificent opera has been performed to packed houses all around the world to mesmerized fans everywhere. Fans, grab your Die Walkure tickets now and witness this spellbinding masterpiece live.

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