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Dirty Dancing is a 1987 romance film which is credited as being one of the most watched films of all time it was written by Eleanor Bergstein, the film features Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey, Cynthia Rhodes, and Jerry Orbach. The story details the moment of time that a teenaged girl crosses over into womanhood both physically and emotionally, through a relationship with a dance instructor during a family summer vacation. Approximately one third of the movie involves dancing scenes, and the finale is considered by many to be the most goose bump-inducing dance scene in movie history In 2004, the movie was translated into a stage musical, Dirty Dancing: the Classic Story on Stage, which opened in Sydney, Australia, in November 2005. It was produced at a cost of $6.5 million, it was written by Eleanor Bergstein to have the same songs as the film, plus a few extra scenes. Musical direction was by Chong Lim, and the initial production starred Kim Valentine as Baby, and Sydney Dance Company's Josef Brown as Johnny. The production was a success in Sydney, selling over 200,000 tickets during its six-month run.

Reviews were mixed about it but it has had sellout runs in Australia, Germany, and in London's West End, where it opened in Aldwych Theatre, on October 23 2006, with the highest pre-sell in London history, earning 6 million pound. Over 350,000 people have so far seen the musical in London and it has had ticket sales of US80 million dollar, selling out for months in advance of performance dates. Josef Brown continues to play the role of Johnny Castle in London, whilst Georgina Rich makes her musical debut as Baby. Currently, it is booked to continue its run in London's West End through December 2008.

According to a report in October 2006 from CNN, a New York production is in the planning stage. In May 2007, the show has begun breaking box office records in its first North American city, Toronto, even though it is not set to open until October 31, 2007. After Toronto, plans are to expand to Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and possibly San Francisco before moving to Broadway. Aside from the stage version, Dirty Dancing has appeared in multiple other forms. In 1988, "Dirty Dancing: Live in Concert", was a music tour featuring Bill Medley and Eric Carmen. It played 90 cities in three months. In 1988, the CBS network launched a Dirty Dancing television series, but it had none of the original cast or staff. It starred Patrick Cassidy as Johnny and Melora Hardin as Baby, ran for 10 episodes and was then canceled in January 1989.

In 2004, a sequel to the film was released, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. Although not a remake by any means, Havana Nights showcases a similar storyline about an American teenager relocated to Havana, Cuba, just before the revolution. Patrick Swayze was paid $5 million to appear in a cameo role as a dance teacher considerably more than the $200,000 he earned for the original version. For the 20th anniversary in 1987, a special edition DVD was released on May 8, 2007. Also to commemorate the August 2007 anniversary, code masters has announced that it will be releasing a videogame version of Dirty Dancing.

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