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Disney Beauty Beast is a sensational musical performance put together by Alan Menken on the concept of a book written by Linda Woolverton. Lyrics for the show have been arranged by Tim Rice and Howard Ashman. Disney Beauty Beast is named after the renowned film produced by Disney under the name Beauty and the Beast in 1991. The Disney Beauty Beast musical has been performed countless times all over the globe with various adaptations. However, the musical adaptation this time around is bigger and better than any previous one. Fans can book their Disney Beauty Beast tickets right away to avoid last minute inconvenience.

Disney's Beauty And The Beast Cities

Disney's Beauty And The Beast Ivins UT
The performance is catering to spectators from all walks of life and all over the globe. The show has travelled in various parts of the world gaining a bunch of worldwide recognitions. Disney Beauty Beast performance entertains audience of all generations. Kids, elders, and youngsters are all mesmerized by the performance by the time the performance reaches its climax. The story takes the spectators back to their childhood lala land where everything roamed around the fairytales.
In order to distinguish the performance from all previous adaptation and make it absolutely fresh for the spectators, the production house has added seven new tracks composed by Alan Menken. Disney Beauty Beast is termed as the 8th Longest Running Production in the history of stage performances with 5464 performances airing only from 1994 to 2007. The musical became one of the most popular adaptations at high school performances.
The original musical won the Tony Award for the best costume in 1994 followed by countless other awards. It was given the Best New Musical Award at the Lawrence Olivier Award in 1998. Disney Beauty Beast includes quite a few upbeat numbers which keep the audience entertained. These include "If I Can’t Love Her", "No Matter What", "Home", "Beauty and the Beast", and "How Long Must This Go On?"
The plot of the performance is not unknown. Every kid in the town knows the story yet finds it refreshing and entertaining with the new presentation style. The natural acting of the celebrities, the flamboyant costumes, decorative sets, upbeat music, touching lyrics, and the breathtaking twists in the story keep the audience glued to their seats wishing to never leave the theatre. A bunch of critics have also published the work by the team as refreshing. Disney Beauty Beast is highly recommended for all those who have not watched a musical performance and for those who have seen the exact musical in another adaptation. Spectators are assured to have an amazing time in either of the cases.

The show opens up with the fancy scene of the castle where a beggar turns up on the door and requests the prince to let her stay the night at the castle as she has no other option. But the prince judging her by her outer appearance does not let her in and sends her away. The beggar warns the prince to not go by outer appearance of people as the true beauty of a person is always within, not always visible. Angry at the behavior of the prince, the woman turns him into a beast and his arrogant servants into household objects. The first scene of the performance ends with the prince becoming the beast and the story of the fairy tale moves ahead with the entry of the female main lead, Belle.
The extravagant sets and the acting of the performers is adding life to the show. Perfectly timed songs and great lighting effects give the performance an added esthetic benefit. The show is highly recommended to treat your family and friends to a night of light entertainment. Disney Beauty Beast is a family show where you can treat all your family members to a night of fun filled performance. Don’t miss out on the chance to book your Disney Beauty Beast tickets right now before the historical performance is declared sold out.

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