Disney Live Three Classic Fairy Tales

Disney Live Three Classic Fairy Tales Tickets

Imagine a world where all your dreams and fantasies come alive in front of you. That is what Disney Live! does for children. A show that has fascinated millions of children as well as parents with its riveting and enchanting live performances has become a true mediator between real world and fantasy. The Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales is one of the most popular live Disney shows. By grabbing Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales tickets, the audience can witness the mesmerizing journey of the Disney’s three classic tales of Snow White, Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella.

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The highly popular Disney Live! brings the best of the Disney’s world live on stage featuring grand imagery, colorful costumes, life-size characters and amazing music all wrapped around fascinating and enthralling storylines. The show has become a permanent platform for children’s entertainment, and every year several performances are exhibited in front of an excited crowd including young kids and parents. Disney Live! provides a complete family entertainment especially for kids of all age and size. The production has won several awards and accolades for its breathtaking shows and execution of the performances. The Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales includes various story lines and features a mix of Disney’s renowned characters and their accompanying storylines.

The Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales was first performed in China in 2008. The show quickly became a hit among the children who thoroughly enjoyed watching their favorite fictional characters come alive on stage. The story revealed the journey of three beautiful Disney princesses, Snow White, Cinderella and Belle. The captivating tales of the characters do not only hook the children towards the show but also provide an amusing time for the parents. The timeless classic story of Snow White still fascinates the children till date. Snow White’s refuge in a small house filled with seven dwarfs attracts millions of attendees every year. On the other hand, the damsel in distress story of Cinderella continues its astonishing dominance as it captivates the audiences with its wonderful story of a dream come true for a neglected young girl Cinderella, who is a target of constant humiliation by her stepmother and stepsisters. The unorthodox story of a beauty and a beast still delivers a beautiful emotional tale of sacrifice and love, when Belle, a beautiful girl ends up living with a beast. Their thrilling journey of exploration of each other lives has become a cultural phenomena and the tale continues its eternal passage. When these spellbinding plots are merged together, the result is a magical ride of classic tales that allure and attract millions of audiences and young fans from every corner of the world.

The touring production is an initiative of "Feld Entertainment" with the collaboration of the "Walt Disney Company." There are generally five touring productions performing all over the world. The shows initial success among audiences as well as critics resulted in the spawning of several more touring productions to accommodate and entertain a wider base of audiences that not only included national audiences but also overseas fans. The shows were performed all over the world from North America and Europe to Middle East and Asia. The show’s diversity and ability to allure people from across the globe managed to transcend all cultural and social barriers becoming a truly international phenomenon. The Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales show is once again all set to deliver an amazing performance for the US audience.The Disney Live! has without a doubt become the hub of live entertainment for children. Every year masses of children and parents are entertained by the colorful and vibrant shows performed all over the globe. The classic Disney story lines mixed with elaborate life-size performing characters allures the children as well as teenagers. The Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales performance provides the perfect mix of three classic tales of Cinderella, Snow White and Beauty and the Beast. The audience explores the amazing journey along Mickey and Minnie and other legendary Disney characters dressed in real life form. By grabbing Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales tickets the parents can make sure to bring their children to one of the most exciting live shows for an unforgettable experience that transcends the barriers between real world and fantasies.

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