Disney On Ice 100 Years Of Magic

Disney On Ice 100 Years Of Magic Tickets

Disney is a household brand, which is loved by millions around the world, especially the kids. It is also part of our culture and traditions, and almost all of the adults have been entertained by Disney’s fictional characters in their childhood. Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic is one of the longest running shows of the franchise, being live and running for over 12 years and counting! Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic Tickets are available for a show near you so don’t miss this once in a lifetime chance to be mesmerized by Mickey and the gang!

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Since 1999, Disney on Ice franchise has been responsible for entertaining the entire world with one of their most complete and anticipated spectaculars with an equally dazzling title, 100 Years of Magic. As much understandable from the name, the show is a collection of some of the finest feats of the brand, featuring 62 of the most loved characters from 18 of the most cherished stories that are part of our lives. Every time you watch the show, you are transformed to a wonderland of magic and dreams. This show is also a justifying demonstration of the legacy that Walt Disney has shaped, to become the premium family entertainment company since its inception in 1923.

Disney has collaborated with Feld Entertainment this collection of ice skating performances that are designed and intended primarily for the younger audience, however, it is equally as much entertaining for the adults (we all have a kid inside us!). Previously known as the Walt Disney’s World on Ice, Disney on Ice makes use of scores of characters from the animated films and series of the production house and features them all inside an ice rink, decorated under colorful rooftops and beautiful lights. The audience is wooed by a team of highly skilled and professional skaters who demonstrate flawless precision as they execute figure skating over the musical scores. The venue of Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic comes to life, thanks to the spot on choreography and the catchy tunes.

The fine skaters are in theatrical costumes and perform vibrant and eye catching moves, making you unable to blink even for a split second! You will not be getting entertained to a mere animated show, but rather a much more live experience, that is closer to life. You will relive the fairytale memories of the past with your young ones and loved ones. Boys and girls alike, all of the kids will thoroughly enjoy the show and hence Disney on Ice serves to be a great opportunity for the entire family to bond together and have a fantastic time. You will be left speechless as well as baffled at times by the extent of perfection the performers demonstrate, giving you entertainment that is every cent’s worth.

Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic is a celebrative spectacular, with various themes and storylines attached to it. Be it Mickey or Minnie , Donald or Goofy , Jiminy Cricket or Pinocchio , Jasmine or Ariel , you will find them all in the show. Storylines will consist of Mulan , The Lion King , Finding Nemo , Toy Story as well as The Incredibles , making you reminiscence in all the favorite characters and story moments. All of this backed by festive, party music and exceptional attire. Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic tickets will provide you the chance to experience all this and much more.

One of the masterminds behind the whole event is the world acclaimed choreographer Cindy Stuart, who has managed to pull this off with a team of Olympians and acrobats. They have managed to exquisitely transform this dreamland into a reality. And since each show is slightly different, the exclusivity of the event makes you come back for more and enjoy the Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic multiple times, whenever the show is in your city.

This year is no exception and the Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic tickets are being sold like hot cakes, round the clock. People are lining up to get the tickets and the stock is also getting sold out quite rapidly. Get ready for an exhilarating ride with your friends, family and especially the young ones. Get your very own Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic Tickets and see for yourself why they call it magic!

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