Disney On Ice Dare To Dream

Disney On Ice Dare To Dream Tickets

With a history of super successful ice shows, Disney on Ice is back in action with its latest production by the name ‘Dare To Dream’. Disney on Ice is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Theatrical operating under The Walt Disney Company. The touring show, Disney on Ice Dare to Dream, has been put forward by Fled Entertainment and has received immense appreciation so far from audience of all age group. However, the special focus is on kids. The performances are such that characters and costumes are taken from the original Disney Co. and the stories revolve around the same characters and the several films produced on them.

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Initiated in 1981, Disney on Ice has more than 8 touring companies and productions running throughout the year. It has been giving performances worldwide, including Asia, Middle East, Europe, Australia, and Americas. Each time a new show is produced, for the initial two years it is performed in North America, followed by performances for a year in Japan, and for the next year it performs in other countries like England and Australia, more prominently.

Disney on Ice has produced a few shows which went on to give performances for more than a decade. The most significant such performances include Mickey and Minnie’s Amazing Journey which has been playing for 16 years now and is still running and 100 Years of Magic , which is performing for 12 years and is also still airing. Disney on Ice’s latest creations for the year 2011 includes Disney on Ice Dare to Dream and Treasure Trove.

Disney on Ice Dare To Dream is a sensational show that will keep the children mesmerized for the entire duration of the show. Children will be in peels of laughter and enjoy the thrilling act completely. Disney on Ice Dare To Dream is showing three stories each adapted by a different Disney character and its journey. Tangled, Cinderella and The Princess and The Frog are the three story lines. The story of "Tangled" revolves around Rapunzel and her friends Maximus and Flynn and the tale of their hilarious adventure trip. The Princess and The Frog illustrates the magical love-filled story of Prince Naveen and Princess Tiara who set on journey of romance with a life changing kiss. The final story portrayed in the Disney on Ice Dare To Dream is Cinderella . Known worldwide for centuries, Cinderella is the most memorable story of a girl whose fantasies become reality.

Disney on Ice Dare To Dream is the stunning musical offering all your beloved princesses on ice in all their glory . Here is your chance to book Disney on Ice Dare To Dream tickets right now before all of its shows are declared sold out.

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