Disney On Ice Treasure Trove

Disney On Ice Treasure Trove Tickets

Disney on Ice franchise. Disney on Ice Treasure Trove is the latest addition to the much loved list of ice skating shows that have been entertaining the world for around 30 years now. Mickey and friends will bring to you the most cherished treasures of the Disney universe, since 1923. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of a celebration unlike any other. The Disney on Ice Treasure Trove tickets are out now.

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After gaining success from the highly acclaimed Dare to Dream , the gang is back this year with Treasure Trove. Get ready to be treated to all the riches of the brand as the most prized and loved characters come to your hometown. It is yet again a spectacular worth waiting for, living up to the expectations of the thousands of fans throughout the United States. You will be tangled up in the magical world of Rapunzel, Disney’s 50 th animated feature. Along with this you will also be taken into the fairytale wonderlands of other princesses such as Cinderella, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Ariel, Belle, Aurora, Mulan and obviously the one that created this princess universe of Disney – Snow White! Ahoy! Get ready to sail the tides with Peter Pan and the sassy Tinker Bell. You will also see the ill tempered Captain Hook and the pirate pals as they present a great adventure beyond time, right on the ice rink.

The Disney on Ice Treasure Trove tickets will also take you to the African jungles with Simba, Pumbaa, Timon and Nala as they find the real meaning of Circle of Life . Get yourself all buckled up for a date with Alice and the gang including the Madhatter and the ruthless Queen of Hearts. You will reminiscence in memories that are ample enough to last a lifetime! You and your young ones will be thoroughly entertained to what is easily the most anticipated event of the year. Disney on Ice is a collaborative masterpiece of Disney and Feld Entertainment and highlights all of the most loved Disney characters in an ice rink, performing theatrical feats, in dynamic costumes and music themes. The entire favorite Disney characters will come to life and you will be amazed by how closely related to the animated movies in minutest of details, including the attire and color combination. Experience the ice rink come to life and dance and sing along the catchy tunes and scores of musical numbers. BE part of the greatest adventure of your life.

All of the skaters involved in this spectacular are skilled professionals and they force you not to blink for even a split second, as they woo you away with their expertise and feats. This will be a larger than life experience and also an emotional one, as you will be taken back to your childhood, to the days when there were no worries. Mainly aimed for the kids, all of the best cartoon characters will ensure girls and boys alike, will have a blast. Bond with your loved ones and family as the show unfolds, leaving you baffled and in a state of awe. Entertainment that’s every cent’s worth, Disney on Ice Treasure Trove is coming to your hometown.

Masterfully choreographed by the world famous choreographer Cindy Stuart, you will see Olympians as well as acrobats performing feats in costumes, transforming the atmosphere and bringing this dreamland to you. You will also be part of an exclusive event, since each show is slightly different from the other and there are creative variations every now and then. Tickets are being sold like hot cakes to this event so get yours before the stocks run out and you are left missing what could’ve been a magical evening. The Disney on Ice Treasure Trove tickets are available now for all the shows this year and the start of 2012.

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