Ganesh Versus The Third Reich Tickets

Ganesh Versus the Third Reich is a spectacular play by Back to Back Theatre, one of the most vibrant theater production companies in Australia today. Reviewed with five stars in the media by the likes of The Age, it is a play that has gained many a fan, some of them going on to book Ganesh Versus the Third Reich tickets for further performances. It has been praised as being courageous, intelligent, confronting and majestic, to name but a few of its attributes.

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Ganesh Versus the Third Reich is a remarkable play, one with a story that is out of this world, hilarious and shocking yet beautiful at the same time. It kicks off with Ganesh, the elephant headed Hindu god going to Germany which is at the time under Nazi rule to reclaim the ancient symbol of the Hindus, the swastika. At the same time, a parallel story is also woven into the play, that of a young man inspired to create a play about the god of overcoming obstacles, Ganesh. He, in much the same manner as Ganesh, has to overcome his obstacles and difficulties as well as gain strength to defend his play.

Ganesh Versus the Third Reich is therefore a bold production, a play that questions many things. Within the play itself, the making of the play is acted out in what is a rather innovative approach to theater. It has serious themes with a hilarious undertone, much of which makes the person question human possibility, hope and rights, particularly those of telling a story and of listening to one. Its creators have dubbed it a ‘work for the near future’ and gone on to describe it as ‘seemingly impossible to make’.

Ganesh Versus the Third Reich is an award winning play, having won a number of awards. The first award won by the play was the Kit Denton Fellowship in 2009, the Melbourne Festival Age Critics Award in 2011, the Helpmann Award for the Best Play in 2012 and three Green Room Awards in 2012 for the Best Direction, Best Production and Best Ensemble Performance.

Ganesh Versus the Third Reich is produced by Back to Back Theatre, a contemporary theatre outfit based in Geelong, Australia and made up of a unique cast of actors with disabilities. It prides itself on giving voice to political and social issues that concern all people. It is the recipient of many awards including the Australian Disability Enterprises Excellence Award, the Helpmann Award, four Green Room Awards, one Melbourne Festival Age Critics Award, Kit Denton Fellowship, Bessie Award, ZKB Appreciation Prize, Sidney Myer Performing Arts Award and two The Age Critics’ Awards.

This is therefore a play by a very spectacular Australian theatre company, famous in the US as well and worth a look via Ganesh Versus the Third Reich tickets.