The Gazillion Bubble Show Tickets

Journey to a world of magical bubbles that will blow your mind at the Gazillion Bubble Show. Widely believed to be one of the most unique and exciting performances in the world, the Gazillion Bubble Show is a must watch for kids as well as adults as it features some of the most outstanding bubble makers who will amaze you with their extraordinary talent. This immensely entertaining performance is now coming back to give you a season of even more exciting shows this year. Do not miss this show as it will surely be loaded with loads of excitement and fun. Be quick and lock your seats with your Gazillion Bubble Show tickets and get set to be mesmerized!

The Gazillion Bubble Show Cities

The Gazillion Bubble Show New York NY
The Gazillion Bubble Show never fails to completely dazzle the audience with its display of incredibly large bubbles. In addition to some jaw dropping bubbles, the show also features magnificent lighting effects and spectacularly spell binding laser display. The show will surely make you laugh and have a great time, bringing out the child in you. It is like nothing you've ever seen before. The show is an unbelievable extravaganza that appeals to people of all ages.
The Gazillion Bubble Show has made performances on various television shows such as The Today Show, CBS Sunday Morning, The View, Fox and Friends, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Live with Regis and Kelly, the David Letterman Show, the Oprah Winfrey Show and many more as well. It has also been aired on numerous television channels such as CW11, ABC, NBC, FOX and various others all over the globe. It is famous in all parts of the world and goes on tour regularly, performing to sold out audiences everywhere it goes.
The artists who perform at the Gazillion Bubble Show include Jano, Ana, Fan or Deni Yang. They produce humongous bubbles that never fail to shock the audience. The performers runs for seventy five minutes, without intermission. The show has made various Guinness World Records such as the most bubbles inside bubbles in Hollywood, California, United States, the world's largest bubble wall in Seattle, Washington, United States, the biggest spherical bubble in Berlin, Germany, the passage into a bubble hemisphere in Wavrin, France, the most soap bubble domes in Helsinki, Finland, interlink nine soap bubbles to make one long chain in mid air in Stockholm, Sweden and countless more as well.
The Gazillion Bubble Show has received rave reviews from the critics ever since it started and has gradually expanded their tours. They have performed more than two thousand shows all over the map. They received their twentieth Guinness World Record in April, 2011 for placing one hundred and fifty people in one huge bubble. Some of the segments of the show include a Special 3D Laser Ocean of Bubbles, a Cloud Ring, Goddess of Light and more. The Ocean of Bubbles segment features millions of tiny bubbles along with dramatic light effects to make the crowd have an experience of how it is like under water in oceans.
The Gazillion Bubble Show combines science with art to produce magnificently beautiful bubbles, transforming a simple process of bubble making into a piece of artistic talent. Millions of people have attended their shows all over the world over the course of their history, never failing to be enchanted and mystified with this extraordinary display of artistry. A jaw dropping sight in showered upon the audience as a gazillion bubbles are thrown into the air at this incredible performance.
Now you too have a chance to catch this show live at their upcoming tour as it is soon planning to hit the stages in your city. Bring your family and friends as well and enjoy a performance unlike you have ever seen before. The Gazillion Bubble Show tickets are selling out fast, so make sure you grab yours today!