Houston Ballet The Nutcracker Tickets

Houston Ballet the Nutcracker Tickets can help you enjoy one of the most amazing events that are coming up. It is a show that can turn your holidays into most memorable one. Ben Stevenson's The Nutcracker can be enjoyed by the whole family. This is why people from all around are seeking to get tickets for the show so that they can enjoy their holidays with their loved ones in the best possible manner. Houston Ballet the Nutcracker is a ballet of its own kind. The ones who are into dance and music must not miss this extravaganza. Also, those who love theatre arts ought to be a part of this show if they want to experience the best in the world of ballet.

Getting your hands on Houston Ballet the Nutcracker tickets will allow you to uncover stunning sets and stage. All these create spellbinding visual impact that will leave a lasting impression on your mind. Having universal appeal, this show is ideal for grownups as well as young ones who are still not well familiar with this form of art.

Houston Ballet the Nutcracker has a griping story. It unfolds the story of a young girl named who gets a magical nutcracker doll on Christmas Eve. The girl comes across the rat king as she starts her journey through the Land of Snow and the Kingdom of Sweets. The entire magic like show is made all the more luring with the special effects such as the Christmas tree that grows several feet tall, hundreds of pounds of snow, cannon firing among other stunning effects.

The choreography of Houston Ballet the Nutcracker also deserves a lot of attention. Ben Stevenson, the choreographer, has introduced astounding dances in the show. They present perfection of body movement and ideal harmony between music and body. The costumes are designed by Desmond Heeley and are a treat for the sight as well. You will love to see the play of colors that is creatively used by the designer which in turn enhances the overall beauty and impact of the show. Light effects also play a very important role in ballet and in case of Houston Ballet the Nutcracker as well, it has special impact. Duane Schuler and Christina R. Giannelli have done a brilliant job by managing the light effects in the best possible manner.

Houston Ballet the Nutcracker has been given the title of the crown jewel of holiday entertainment. This title tells much of the wonder that this event has in hold for you. The ballet is set in 19 th century Germany. It starts at a joyous Christmas party and from its very beginning it grabs the attention of the audience and does not allow them to move till the very end. The Houston Ballet has taken much care to present this ballet to its audiences in the finest possible way. It is run by the Houston Ballet Foundation. It has the privilege to be the 4 th largest ballet company in the U.S. Also, it has a ballet academy called the Ben Stevenson Academy . It is dedicated to train dancers for its several amazing productions. The company also has the honor of being one of the best ballet companies in the country.

The Houston Ballet produces more than 75 shows every year where scores of professional dancers get a chance to entertain you with their talent.

Houston Ballet the Nutcracker Tickets will provide you with the chance to discover why this amazing ballet company is so popular. So be on your toes and rush to get the tickets for this show so that you can turn your holiday into a time that you will cherish forever.