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How to Train Your Dragon is a “DreamWorks Animations” franchise that all began from a book series written by novelist Cressida Cowell. The book was also adapted into a feature film of the same name. The film strayed away from the actual story as told in the books but was still a major hit, receiving many awards. It even received an Academy Award nomination in the category of “Best Animated Feature”. Now while two more Hollywood films for the franchise are in the making, the characters have taken a life of their own on stage. Productions on ice, in theatres and arenas have sprouted from the immense reception of the film and book series. After a few initial technical difficulties which led to its temporary cancellation, the show is coming back to theatres in the United States and How to Train Your Dragon tickets have hit the market once more.

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The first How to Train Your Dragon film came out in March of 2010. It was co-directed by Hollywood masterminds Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois. The screenplay was adapted from the first novel, although enough changes were made that the movie stood apart from the novels. It ended up being quite a big hit all over the world at made more than $500 million in box office money. The movie was about a boy named Hiccup who inspires to become a famous dragon slayer like many respected people his tribe. The story is set in a Viking universe where mythical creatures exist and magic is practiced. Hiccup does indeed capture a dragon, but after getting what he wanted from the practice—which was the tribe’s respect and acceptance—he realized that he does not want to kill the creature, but befriend it.
This is the basic storyboard that the arena show is going to follow as well. Amidst the production and the special effects, it is also the story that is sure to resonate with the viewers. Although the selling angle for How to Train Your Dragon tickets is the massive electronic dragons that the technical crew has created, the producers want to keep the story at the core to bring forth a complete show, worthy of any prestigious theatre around the world.
The Hollywood film has already been confirmed for a sequel which is due sometime in June of 2014. It is going to be directed by Dean DeBlois alone this time around. Chris Sanders will return as the executive producer only, and Bonnie Arnold will continue on his duties as the producer. All the voice actors from the first film will return for the sequel. Moreover, the new film will also bring back the original music composer, John Powell, who did the score for the first film to much critical acclaim. The story will continue on as the Vikings make use of the dragons and voyage into lands they have never seen before. They ride dragons like they would horseback which opens up an entirely new part of the Earth for them. Hiccup thus has the opportunity to discover new cultures; and with every new culture would come a new species of dragons. Recently it was announced that the popular actor from the television series, “Game of Thrones”, Kit Harrington will be joining the cast as well and will be playing the villain.
The arena show is being called the “Live Spectacular” and is being brought to stage in association with “Global Creatures”. This is because this company has experience with similar shows of similar nature, having worked for “Walking with Dinosaurs—The Arena Spectacular” by director Nigel Jameson. In that show, they had to create life size and realistic looking dinosaurs. They bring the same form of creativity and art direction to this new production as well.
The score for the How to Train Live show will be composed by the same artist who did the film, John Powell. Jonsi will also be joining him to make a few tweaks to set it apart from the film. 24 dragons have been created for the show using animatronic technology. These are the characters from the films: Nightmare, Red Death, Nadder, Stinger, Zippleback, Gronckle, Toothless, Egg Biter, Skrill and Kite Dragon are amongst them. The leading Vikings, including Hiccup will also be included in the theatre representation.
Because it was such a huge production, the show faced some technical difficulties in the beginning. But starting June of this year, the show is back on stage and has begun to wow audiences everywhere.

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