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Entertainment knows no boundaries and has, over time, evolved into various forms. One of those is forms is theatre. Theatrical entertainment has been around for centuries and has been mesmerizing their audiences through exquisite acting and stories that are performed in front of a live audience. For an actor, there is no bigger thrill than to get up on stage and face their adoring audience. Hugh Jackmanis one such actor who thrives on exceeding expectations through his talents, and has achieved considerable success when it comes to theatrical entertainment. The Hollywood superstar has a Tony Award and a Drama Desk Award to his credit. He received both these awards on account of his excellent acting skills and both awards were for Outstanding Acting in a Musical. Keeping this in mind, those of you who want to see him make his comeback to theatre should eagerly be anticipating the day on which you will be holding your Hugh Jackman Back on Broadway Tickets as only that can ensure that you will be present on this larger than life occasion.

Hugh Jackman was born on the 12th of October in the year 1968. He hails from the city of Sydney in Australia. Hugh Jackman is a well known actor and producer all over the globe. His works include his involvement in movies, musical theatre and last, but not least, television entertainment. He received worldwide superstar status from a number of roles he has played in different movies. The most notable and popular of these performances was his portrayal of the character Wolverine in the X-Men trilogy. His other notable appearances were seen in movies which include The Prestige and Australia. Hugh Jackman’s talents, dashingly good looks and enviable personality are the reason that millions of people around the globe adore him. Such is his popularity that he was voted as the Sexiest Man Alive in the year 2008 by a number of media giants, one of which includes the famous People Magazine. Apart from the world of movies, he has also tried his hand in Musical Theatre when he starred in the The Boy from Oz in 2004; a performance that won him a total of eight awards recognizing his jaw-dropping skills.

The Boy from Oz is, at present, the only Australian Musical to ever make it to the biggest stage of them all; Broadway, and opened for viewing for the very first time on the 16 th of October in the year 2003. Hugh Jackman played the leading role as his portrayal of the character Peter Allen . The musical was dubbed a success as it won over its audiences with brilliant acting and storyline. This claim can be backed by the fact that the lead actor; Hugh Jackman, went on to win a Tony Award for the Best Leading Actor in a Musical for his performance. He also won a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Actor in a Musical for the same role in the year 2004. In the same year, he was awarded with the Theater World Award, a Broadway Audience Award, a Drama League Award, an Outer Critics Circle Award, a TDF-Astaire Award, and a Theater Fan's Choice Award, all for the his leading role in the musical. If that is not enough to win you over, this is not the only time Hugh Jackman has been on stage. He has also hosted the Tony Awards on three different occasions. He won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program in recognition of his hosting skills when he played host to the 58 th Annual Tony Awards. In 2006, he took back his role as Peter Allen when the musical returned to Australia. The performance led to him being with the Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Performance in a Stage Musical in the year 2008, proving the fact that he had not lost his touch when it come to performing in front of a live audience on stage.

Hugh Jackman’s return to the world of Broadway is a moment that we are all eagerly waiting for. The reason for all this waiting and excitement is that one can expect the brilliant actor to shine once again and leave his audiences in awe with how good he can play a specific role. Also taking a peek at his past when it comes to musical theatre, it only points towards the same conclusion. Get your Hugh Jackman Back on Broadway Tickets today and ensure you will be present to see this extraordinary actor do what he does best; mesmerize audiences.

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