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An opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jesus Christ Superstar has been entertaining the theatergoers since 1971. Tim Rice has produced the lyrics for this show. This musical has a unique theme which makes it stand apart from other performances of the same kind. It is based on the Gospels' version of the last week of the life of Jesus. As the story opens, you will see the preparation for his arrival other than his disciplines in Jerusalem. Jesus Christ Superstar ends with Christ’s crucifixion. The whole idea is presented very creatively and dramatically. The show highlights struggles between Judas Iscariot and Jesus, both on political and interpersonal grounds. Jesus Christ Superstar allows you to interpret the psychology of Jesus and the other characters according to your own perspective. Judas is presented as a tragic character dissatisfied with the way Christ is leading his followers. He also occupies the main theme of the show. In this performance you will also discover modern day lyrics as well as 20th century attitudes.
Before being staged, Jesus Christ Superstar was first introduced as an album. Since its very first performance, the show has been a great hit. However, it got mixed reviews. Many found it very interesting while others were not really impressed by it. Some religious groups also condemned Jesus Christ Superstar as they found elements of blasphemy in it. Despite the mixed reaction and opinions, this musical has become one of the greatest shows in the world. Other than being held in the U.S, Jesus Christ Superstar has been staged in various parts of the planet including France, Hungary, India, Italy, Chile, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Greece and Australia. Also, it has been produced in the Philippines, Colombia, South Africa and Panama. Every time it takes place, audiences from all walks of life love to be a part of it. By attending this award winning show you will be able to have some great time. You will not be able to enjoy for great performances but this show will also provide you with food for thought at religious, political and spiritual levels.
All aspects of this show deserve applause. Other than its intriguing story line, Jesus Christ Superstar also has great music. The costumes and the sets are brilliantly designed. Light effects are also managed in a wonderful manner which enhances the overall drama of the musical.
Jesus Christ Superstar is a winner of various awards. These include the Drama Desk Award as well as Theatre World Award. Besides, it has also got Tony Award and Laurence Olivier Award. The great light effects, the luring music and other aspects of the show have made it excel in the world of art and entertainment.
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