Joffrey Ballet Nutcracker Tickets

The human fascination with having inanimate objects harbor spirits and concealed entities is as old as consciousness itself. Perhaps it has something to do with possible visitations from otherworldly beings that have been depicted in cave painting, rock carvings, murals and figurines across various cultures throughout history. Modern manifestations however reside in the myriad varieties of toys and doll-like figures that have found their way into the hands of young and old alike. The Nutcracker, a two-act Russian ballet explores the intimate connection that the non-regimented mind of children has with all things toys. Though now typically relegated to the domain of Christmas holidays entertainment, performed by various ballet companies worldwide, such as the Joffrey Ballet The Nutcracker version, the dance performance is a multilayered visual treat.
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The story portrayed in the Joffrey Ballet The Nutcracker show is based on the plot of the original 1892 piece by Marius Petipa to the score by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Act I opens to a Christmas Eve setting in the house of Herr and Frau Silberhaus, who with their guests and their children, Clara and Fritz behold the yuletide decorations. The arrival of Herr Drosselmeyer, a local councilman and the children's godfather rally's everybody attention, especially the children, as his toy-making skills have brought forth four mysterious and lifelike dolls. The Harlequin embodies the representation of the Hellequin, the perceived emissary of the Devil, whose mistress is represented by Columbine, a character that itself is based on the Roman goddess Libertas (Latin for Liberty). The two other "dolls" are a Vivandière and Soldier, the former being the drink or wine bearer of the latter, especially in the French Crimean War context. However, the one that triggers Clara's fantasy is a wooden hazelnut Nutcracker shaped as a little man, which becomes the victim of Fritz's destructive antics and is tended to by the saddened girl. Clara's woes are soon turned into glee when after midnight, the Nutcracker become life-size and takes command of an army of gingerbread men against the mice hordes led by the Mouse King. Clara aids in the Nutcracker delivering a lethal blow to the Mouse King, and after the former transforms into a "handsome" prince, he travels with Clara back to his fabulous Land of Sweets in Confiturembourg . Being ruled by the Sugar Plum Fairy in his absence, it is chock-a-bloc full of savories such as chocolate from Spain, Danish marzipans and Russian candy canes that perform a waltz signifying the beginning of the reign of the newly crowned rulers, Clara and the Prince.

The Joffrey Ballet The Nutcracker show was conceived by Robert Joffrey and Gerald Arpino in the mid eighties, and premiered at the Hanchor Auditorium at the University of Iowa in December 1987. Robert, born as Abdullah Jaffa Bay Khan of Afghan and Italian parentage was a ballet teacher hailing from Chicago and founded Joffrey Ballet in 1956. Though Robert died just a couple of months in to the first run of Joffrey Ballet The Nutcracker, the performance piece has since become reputedly America's #1 Nutcracker. It interweaves the Joffrey Ballet The Nutcracker's ensemble with 118 dancers from Chicago with a live musical score performed by the Chicago Sinfonietta on the original Tchaikovsky composition and wraps the entire spectacle in plumes of stage fog, glitzy ornaments and vivid hues that descend in an aura of mauve, violet and lavender tints.

The scintillating aspects of Gerald Alpino's choreography, Oliver Smith's scenery creations, John David Ridge's costumes and Kevin Dreyer's lighting artistry become starkly evident in the ethereal "Waltz of the Snowflakes". The "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" is another gem that adorns the musical and visual tapestry that unfolds as part of the Joffrey Ballet The Nutcracker staging. Incorporating the intriguing celesta that resembles an upright piano, it has become one of the most famous musical pieces amongst classical music that has been widely adopted in animated and conventional movies and has become synonymous with the spirit of Christmas.

So book your Joffrey Ballet The Nutcracker tickets now for immersing your entire family in a fabulous reverie played out to a timeless musical score and seamless ballet.