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The new musical, Legally Blonde is based on the 2001 crowd pleasing movie of the same name starring Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods around whom the story revolves. Elle is a dumb sounding sorority girl whose only aim in life is to graduate and get a marriage proposal by her Harvard Law School-bound boyfriend, Warner Huntington III (Matthew Davis). Here every thing goes wrong for her as she gets dumped. To win him back she plans and gets into Harvard Law. All set now, she is hit upon by a senior and is all ready to turn tail and run when Emmett Richmond (Luke Wilson) stops her. With him and her female professor's help she solves the Windham case.

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She graduates two years later at the top of her class with an offer to work at a prestigious Boston law firm. She gets her well-deserved proposal from Emmett and her ex-boyfriend Warner ends up with no prestigious job offers or internships and loses his girlfriend in the process. Although Legally Blonde uses Harvard University as its setting, it was actually filmed at USC and UCLA with certain aerial shots of the real Harvard. In the book Stanford Law School is the setting and Elle is a sister of Delta Gamma sorority instead of Delta Nu sorority as in the film. It was planned that the film, Legally Blonde would take place at the University of Chicago Law School but because of a scene in which a professor places his hand on Elle's leg, the administration at the school did not approve the film.

'Elle' was intentionally given a different hairstyle for every scene and she watches General Hospital in one scene that once featured Kimberly McCullough (Amy). She also proves her ability to recall information 'at the drop of a hat' in her application video. This relates to Days of our Lives storyline in which heroine Hope Brady is brainwashed by 'the evil Stefano'. The show roughly corresponds to the timeframe in which the movie was filmed.

Legally Blonde magnificent movie is directed by the famous director of the film industry Robert Luketic and gained enormous amount of positive reviews for its story as well as its direction. With a history like this, the musical show is bound to become a hit. Legally Blonde has been enacted marvelously by the actors and canine actors, too. Elle's Chihuahua, Bruiser will surely win hearts of the audience.

The music and lyrics of Legally Blonde is by Broadway talent Laurence O'Keefe and Nell Benjamin. Laura Bell Bundy (Hairspray, Wicked) makes a vibrant Elle Woods; Christian Borle (Spamalot) is Emmett, and Richard H. Blake (The Wedding Singer) stars as Warner. Legally Blonde, The Musical Legally Blonde had its world premiere on Tuesday at San Francisco's Golden Gate Theatre, where it ran through Feb. 24. It will then re-opens at New York's Palace Theatre in April. There are a few differences in the Legally Blonde musical movie and the Legally Blonde musical and would be fun to make out. So, before the stock finishes grab your bit of share and enjoy this reverberating show to the fullest.