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If you like to enjoy dance shows then Lord of the Dance is something you really have to see. It is an Irish dance and musical production created by Michael Flatley. Famous as one of the most prominent Irish-American dancer, Michael Flatley is known for the amazing choreography and production of Lord of the Dance. With Ronan Hardiman’s music the show become more exciting. Since the time Michael Flatley was starred in Riverdance, he got his well-deserved fame. After he left Riverdance during late 1995 over a disagreement he started working on the idea of his own dance show. With his unique steps and rhythm patterns an A-cappella number, his music became Planet Ireland which also played as the finale of the show. In a matter of six months he brought his idea to the stage after taking auditions in the SFX City Theatre of Dublin.
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After its preview shows at Point Theatre during 1996 Lord of the Dance became very popular among music lovers. Enjoy the story of Lord of the Dance and his interesting fight with evil dark lord named Don Dorcha. See how he is prevented from over the Planet Ireland. Check out that how with the help of little spirit, Lord of the Dance is going to defeat the dark lord on invasion. Moreover, you are also going to enjoy a story of love vs lust, the themes of these shows is presented clearly through dance and music. Enjoy Saoirse, the Irish Cailín who is fighting to get the love of Lord of the Dance and trying to get Morrighan, the Temptress away from him because she is a the wicked person. The title as well as the central musical theme of the show is taken from a contemporary hymn, with stories based on Biblical references and antique Irish folklores.
Lord of the Dance got a chance to perform at the Oscars in March of 1997. It was the same year when the group expanded its operations by indulging many troupes of dancers in it. Lord of the Dance also did a tour of Europe and North America. During 1999, Michael Flatley also signed a contract with to perform at the Epcot at Walt Disney World. Moreover, in 2002 and 2003 Troupe 4 gets to perform at the Disneyland Paris Resort. Two of its troupes are touring the world and one is currently touring across the Europe with one residing in the US.
Michael Flatley developed the Feet of Flames on 25th July, 1998 for Lord of the Dance. With such huge shows, Michael Flatley has certainly fulfilled his dream of developing huge shows to be played in stadiums and arenas instead of in traditional theatres. With its hit performance and extensive touring Lord of the Dance has become a known name all over the world. Being one of the most sought after dance entertainments for music lovers. Lord of the Dance is known for giving you an unforgettable musical experience.
If you haven’t seen this show live onstage yet, then you are certainly missing out on something really important. Over the years, many lead dancers are changed in Lord of the Dance. The show has got talented dancers like Bernadette Flynn, Gillian Norris, Daire Nolan, Helen Egan, Anne Buckley and none other than Michael Flatley in the past. Its most recent dancers include artists like Katie Pomfret, Ciara Sexton and Tom Cunningham.
To enjoy a great time with this dance group all you have to do is get your share of Lord of the Dance tickets as soon as you can. This two act show is going to entertain you in a lavish way. Get ready to enjoy your time with superb music, specular dancing and amazing performance. Lord of the Dance has got several fans around the world so in order to enjoy the show get your Lord of the Dance tickets right away!

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