Lord Of The Rings Tickets

The mystical story has been taken from Tolkien's marvelous book. Lord of the Rings is actually a sequence of the book The Hobbit written earlier by Tolkein for his kids. The popularity of The Hobbit lead Tolkein to write another book named The Lord of the Rings. Special care has been taken not to twist Tolkien?s epic writing to fulfill the technicalities of conventional standards of a great theatre musical instead the traditions of theatre has been stretched to the limits to accommodate Tolkien?s writing.
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The story possesses amazing opportunity to amuse, thrill and excite the audience with its magical story and mystic events. The story is successfully adapted as a theatre show and it will definitely transport the spectators to a fantasy world with its powerful imagery and special stunning effects where they?ll cry and laugh with the characters.

The basic problem was to enact such a rich story on stage which was full of good versus evil a lot of magic, fights, different locations, landscapes, different species, magnitude of the events and numerous songs including anthems, prayers, old and traditional songs. Now doing all this on stage needed real theoretical artistry and technical perfection. Warchus first reaction was that Tolkein?s 1,000 pages of writing cannot possibly work on stage. But on the second reading the fog started clearing up and he could see ways and possibilities of making the landscapes and all other things appear on stage as originally as it is in story.

Isuldur tried to use the power of the Ring of invisibility to flee, but it slipped from his finger when he was swimming across the Andean River. Isuldur was murdered by an orc's arrow. Now for centuries the Ring remained at the bottom of the river. Until one day two friends found the ring by chance. On getting the ring Sm?agol swiftly murdered D?agol and took the Ring for himself. Sm?agol used the powers of ring including the invisibility for all malpractices like thieving and learning secrets. His people detested him and called him "Gollum," due to his weird habit of making gurgling noises in his throat. After being sick of these abuses, Sm?agol determined to join the caverns beneath the Misty Mountains and left his home. He thought that he could learn the secrets of the world's making. This happened in the year 2470 of the Third Age of Middle-Earth.

The interest and excitement keep going on as the ages pass by. This magnificent story is equally fabulously produced as a show. If you want to identify yourself with the characters then the best way is to see the show. The magic starts when the curtains are drawing apart but it doesn?t even stop after the show is finished. You?ll remain in a spell long after you leave the theatre. The magnitude of the theatre and the sets will transport you in to another world the moment you enter the theatre. This show is an experience of metaphysical and physical powers with a sense of achievement. Let the magic begin and enjoy to your fullest.