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The play Mary Poppins is based on the book and movie of the same title. The book was written by P.L. Travers and published in 1934. In that the Banks had two twin babies John and Barbara, and their adventures were spread over eight books from 1934 to 1988. In 1964, Disney released the film Mary Poppins musical and the enchanting story was pushed into an unforgettable, mainstream culture despite some objections to certain elements by the books' original author.

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With original music and lyrics by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman, the musical opened in London in December 2004. Out of nine Olivier awards nominations, the play won two: Best Actress in a Musical for Laura Michelle Kelly and Best Theatre Choreography for Matthew Bourne and Stephen Mear. Despite the fact that the name Mary Poppins has a previous history, the play has proven to be a unique take on an old favorite. Featuring Broadway-style music and enchanting lyrics, the play brings something for every age group. While the older family members relish in nostalgia, the children can share Michael and Jane's delightful excitement and the hilarious situations they get into.

The play starts with the repressed Banks parents trying to hire 'the perfect nanny' and they find Mary Poppins musical who possesses magical powers as well as a good head on her shoulders. Mary Poppins broadway makes even the dullest lesson fun and entertaining. She knows that some things are too important to ignore, and will stop at nothing to teach this to every one of the Banks. She has shakes up their world and they come to realize that they have indeed hired 'the perfect nanny'. Each family member has their own story and you can feel Mrs. Banks' anguish as she sings about how she would like to express her love for Mr. Banks- but cannot- in the song 'Being Mr. Banks'.

Mary Poppins is a kind of story that will be refreshing every time it is told as she transforms the Banks from a rigid, loveless group into a real family through a series of hilarious events. The family learns how to communicate and provides a variation on the classic theme. The actors do a superb job of making this tale their own. The entire cast is wonderful complete with breathtaking setting.

Mary Poppins broadway has been nominated for seven Tony Awards including Best New Musical of the season and Best Performance by a Leading Actor, this year. The show recently celebrated its 1000th performance at the Prince Edward Theatre. The lavish musical has been a huge box office and critical success. Everyone loves Mary Poppins as they have already seen it or read it in one form or the other but the buzz is that the musical is as dazzling and brilliant as any other form. It has been called magical, spectacular and absolutely charming!

Mary Poppins' simple message is Life should be fun! and what more could be fun than an enchanted evening in the theatre.

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