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Memphis the Musical takes you back to the 1950s, centered on the Memphis-based disc jockey Dewey Phillips and his aspiration to play black music to the white audience in the South. He was noted to be one of the earliest white rock and roll DJs who wanted to bring traditional black music to the forefront of the general music scenario. The musical can be said to loosely follow the story pattern of Dewey Phillips’ life accounts, with its music and lyrics written by David Bryan, while the book and lyrics have been written by Joe DiPietro. The hit Broadway musical has been privileged with the filming for a theatrical release while performing on regular schedule, by Broadway Worldwide, which intended to play the musical in digital cinemas. This film production was exhibited throughout the nation in April, May 2011.

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Initially Memphis the Musical was staged in Beverly , Massachusetts at the North Shore Music Theatre and in Mountain View , California at the TheatreWorks during the 2003-2004 seasons. The show premiered on Broadway productions in 2009, October and in 2010 took the prestigious Tony Awards for Best Orchestrations, Best Book of a Musical, Best Original Score and Best Musical. Memphis the Musical was also nominated for Tony Award in the categories of Best Costume Design, Best direction of a Musical, Best Performance in a Leading Actress in a Musical and Best Performance in Leading Actor in a Musical. The Broadway musical further won a Golden Icon Award in the category of Best Musical in the Live Theatre . Further success led to a national tour since October 2011, beginning at the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis with Huey Calhoun played by Bryan Fenkart.

Memphis the Musical prior to its Broadway production was a theatre show that drew its concept of “ Memphis ” from the late George W. George, a well known theatre producer. After being performed in the theatres of California and Massachusetts , the show was also taken to La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego and 5 th Avenue Theatre in Seattle . Many of the initial cast members from these shows were taken to the Broadway version, including Montego Glover who played Felicia Farrell and Chad Kimbell who portrayed Huey Calhoun. The costume, scenic and lightning designers Paul Tazwell, David Gallo and Howell Binkley, respectively carried on from the creative department. Memphis the Musical tickets have been scattered about, exchanging hands at the Broadway venues as many as a record breaking, 800 times as of 2011 September.

Memphis the Musical, which is truly an effortful work of much dedication and attention to detail,takes its direction from Christopher Ashley and Choreography from Sergio Trujillo. Its synopsis is inspiring especially to its youthful, idealistic type audience who wish to accomplish all that is larger-than-life since that is what the protagonist is like. Huey Calhoun is a passionate, spirited white man who believes and dares to explore the dimensions of racial music set rigidly by a society brewing in racial ills. The repercussions of his apparently controversial decisions, to play black music to a white crowd, put him and his career into trouble many times but he is relentlessly and determinedly dedicated to his cause. Even when his love interest is about to walk away in pursuit of better opportunities, Huey finds himself caught up more in the magnetic field of love for his music and his wonderful relationship to Memphis, with reference to how the Memphis community had come to understand and joyfully embrace his work as a DJ. Alongside the seriously thought provoking scenes of Memphis the Musical, upbeat musical scores from the likes of Underground, Music for My Soul, Make Me Stronger, Say a Prayer, Everybody Wants to be Black on Saturday Night and Change Won’t Come Easy are played. The musical scores are a combination of the rock and roll, pop tunes and the blues of that time. In Memphis the Musical, Huey truly encapsulates and magnificently represents the artistic character with his forward style, crude wit, smart remarks and spunky attributes, making him a believably likeable, popular DJ personality.

Memphis the Musical, befits all the characteristics of an engaging Broadway that while fulfills emotional longings that culminate to a hearty catharsis, also brings a fashionably captivating band, believably interesting performers and a well-thought, well-written, moving script that is relevantly coordinated with the musical score in theme and spirit. If you want a Broadway experience that keeps you engaged for sometime even after it is over, then those Memphis the Musical tickets are a must-have on your list of promising entertainment.

It is time to rock and roll and be prepared for a real blast as Memphis The Musical comes your way to make your world full of music and take you onto a journey of entertainment that you shall never forget. This musical is really fabulous and is going to make you feel out of this world. Memphis The Musical is based upon a disk jockey from Memphis, Dewey Phillips who was one of the very first white DJs to play black music during the 1950s. Memphis The Musical has been staged many times before and this time you shall get the honor of watching this great performance live in theatres as you buy the Memphis The Musical tickets from us. Do that as soon as possible so you get to see the very best!

As of year 2011, Memphis The Musical has been staged nearly 800 times so you can well imagine as to how well acclaiming and popular this performance has been as it has managed to grab the attention of the audience and has always been highlighted after it has given such a fantastic performance. Memphis The Musical is winner of Tony Award for the best musical as well as three other Tony Awards for the best performances. These achievements actually speak of the value of this theatrical masterpiece itself, so you better be at your destination point to watch Memphis The Musical for your own self.

Presented to you by the Broadway Productions, Memphis The Musical is a two act play which starts off from a scene at the underground Rock and Roll bar of the 1950s Memphis. At the very beginning some of the main characters and the personalities of these characters are depicted very clearly. The workers at the bar, the regular customers and whole of the bar crowd is portrayed very realistically and beautifully in the play which shall make you feel completely engrossed in Memphis The Musical from the very first scene that it presents. The second act makes a solid formation of the story and explains the twists and turns of the story and how the characters are developed further.

The future of Memphis, its relationships and the reality behind the emotions are all seen in the second act. The whole play is beautifully evolved and touches your heart so deeply that you won’t be able to forget some of the turning points in the play. Memphis The Musical represents the culture behind the African American music and the emotions of love and relationships which creates the sad moments and the bliss in any one’s life. Memphis The Musical gives you a true picture of emotions but in a realistic way and in a way that entertains you with breathtaking musical scores and mind blowing performances.

The concept of Memphis The Musical fits pretty well in a theatrical performance where everybody has appreciated this performance very much. This theatrical drama is complemented by great musical scores which also fit very well into the DJ life that is represented in the play throughout. The play cannot be considered as anywhere near ordinary since what it depicts is really something out of this world. We are giving you this opportunity of watching Memphis The Musical and being entertained at the maximum level, so that you know what a real musical is all about. Don’t miss this chance as it will enliven you forever and take you into an entirely different world as you indulge yourself into the live happening right in front of your eyes.

The impact of Memphis The Musical is so great on the audience that you get awestruck by the incredible performance full of rich and vibrant colors. The musical numbers will almost get you on your toes if that could be something that you could do inside a theatre. Memphis The Musical is full of surprises and gives you moments that are as enriching and fulfilling as ever. You will take the great memories of the musical back home and will want to think about it again and again. This is your chance to get the best as far as watching a theatrical performance is concerned. We suggest that you book your Memphis The Musical tickets from us as soon as you can so that you get to fill yourself with the ultimate level of excitement that we want to give you. Make the move as soon as you can since such chances are not to be missed!

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