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One cannot emphasize enough, the significance of December 4 th 1956, when the bright stars, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis took over the rock and roll skies of the musical horizon with their coming together, at the Sun Record Studios in Memphis. This night encapsulated the impromptu jam session among four super genius musical maestros, joining in to create, perhaps the most powerful recordings of all time; recordings that would dramatically ripple all the way to Broadway about half a century later only to celebrate and relive the glory of the quartet’s heydays in the culminated form of a jukebox musical, rightfully called The Million Dollar Quartet.
The Million Dollar Quartet musical is written by Floyd Mutrux and Colin Escot, which, after a few successful tryouts and region-specific productions, ultimately premiered on Broadway in 2010, becoming an instant hit among its very first, Nederlander Theatre audience. That same year, the musical garnered nominations for three Tony Awards in the respective categories of Best Musical , Best Performance in a Featured Actor in a Musical for Levi Kries, who played Jerry Lee Lewis and Best Book of a Musical with Levi Kries taking the award from his nomination. The Broadway Million Dollar Quartet played 489 ultra-hit performances and 34 remarkable reviews before closing in June 2011, only to simultaneously reopen for the West End Productions at the Noel Coward Theatre to a swarming, wildly anticipated audience, preciously clutching their Million Dollar Quartet tickets.

The success of the Million Dollar Quartet musical prompted performances at the Off-Broadway productions while also encouraging a national tour in the United States covering the Portland, Appleton Fox Cities, Miami, Indianapolis, Houston, Las Vegas, Memphis, Los Angeles, Seattle and San Jose among other cities. The cast of the magical, encore version of the Million Dollar Quartet includes some big celebrity names from the likes of Melissa Etheridge, Jerry Lee Lewis, Lesley Gore and Ray Benson. Among the musical scores are the all-time-hits Blue Suede Shoes, Hound Dog, Who Do You Love , Matchbox, Great Balls of Fire , Real Wild Child , My babe , and Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On .

The Million Dollar Quartet is an almost two hour run without any intermissions so that the show is all pure, nonstop, enthralling music, that takes you back about fifty years through its sound, magnificent script, glittery costumes, showy hairstyles and of course the beginning of the rock and pop age. Plus the photograph of the actual, original Million Dollar Quartet clustered glamorously around the piano at the Sun Studios, is prominently planted as a strong historical, time destination for the audience to swing back and forth, between the real life quartet figures and the characters that capture them, all the more reminding them of the legendary event the show is based upon.

The synopsis of the Million Dollar Quartet is quite simple: it is the memorable 4 th of December in 1956 when the four musicians, incidentally find themselves gathered together at the Sun Recording Studios for a surreal session of honest, purely music-driven, fun night of impromptu jamming in Memphis , Tennessee . The charismatically sexy Elvis Presley is shown dropping by the studio with his girlfriend Dyane, when Johnny Cash too has stopped by to have a chat with Sam Phillips. The high-profile, renowned artist Carl Perkins is already there for song recordings with new-entry Jerry Lee Lewis. They exchange musical notes, inspirations and styles when by chance, on an impulse perhaps, they decide to record their jamming session which would later be released as the Million Dollar Quartet, while much later be revered as a rare, treasured event in the history of high music.

The musical portrays the significance of the event, and the four devastatingly talented artists through the actions and reflections of Sam Phillips, who tries desperately to make Johnny Cash sign a contract with him, but in vain. The Million Dollar Quartet is also instructive and educational with respect to the fact that it emphasizes on each musician’s distinct style, which it illustrates with an introduction to each quartet figure when he first steps on stage with the respective character singing a verse of his most popular song.

If you want to watch a fun, hip, upbeat musical show that brings alive the very essence of that old rock and roll glamour, with an all-too-nostalgic, legendary vibe of that one-time supergroup assemble, then book the Million Dollar Quartet Tickets now while you alsolearn the quick lyrics to some of those hearty pop tunes for a sing along.

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