New York City Ballet Nutcracker Tickets

If you enjoy ballet, New York City Ballet Nutcracker tickets are a must for you. This great show is soon to be staged and if you lag behind you will certainly be not lucky to get its tickets. People from all around, love to experience this extravaganza that enables them to have the time of their life. You will be able to enjoy the best of art and entertainment in the form of this popular ballet. In fact, New York City Ballet Nutcracker is the way to enjoy your holidays and make some memories that will last forever!

The classic George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker has entertained thousands of people since it started. Everything about this show is simply superb. From dances to story line, music to costumes, lights to stage settings, everything is spellbinding. This is why once you will experience this ballet you will love to watch it again and again. This show has in fact become one of the most popular shows within the United States. There are several versions of this ballet that are being performed across the nation. Every time it is staged, tickets fall short as the fans of this form of art rush to have a look at this show which brings to them the perfection of ballet.

Founded in 1948, New York City Ballet Company has held a number of shows. New York City Ballet Nutcracker is one of its best presentations. The company was established by George Balanchine. Lincoln Kirstein was also one of its founders. Leon Barzin was the first music director for this company while Balanchine and Jerome Robbins are believed to be its founding choreographers. Although there are several other productions by this company, but Nutcracker is an outstanding one. New York City Ballet Nutcracker is attended by over 100,000 audiences every year which tells much about how popular this event is. It is staged over 2,000 times annually so that more and more can get a chance to be a part of it.

The dances of New York City Ballet Nutcracker are arranged by Balanchine while Rouben Ter-Arutunian is responsible for its scenery. You will love the dance steps that are perfectly in line with the musical harmony and the requirement of the story. In the same way, the scenery supports the entire impact of the ballet thus enhancing the overall effect of the show just as it should be. Costumes designed by Karinska also deserve much appreciation. The play of color and harmony in them is truly mesmerizing and help to create a wonderful impact on stage. Lighting is done by Mark Stanley and it too is kept much according to the requirement of the show.

At New York City Ballet Nutcracker you will get to see more than 150 dancers and musicians entertaining you beyond your expectations and imagination. Also, it has 50 children from the School of American Ballet who will delight you with their performance. The show is a must watch for kids as well as adults who enjoy music and dance. Those who want some extraordinary entertainment to perk up the fun of their holidays will also find this event truly worthwhile.

All in all, New York City Ballet Nutcracker Tickets are ideal for the lovers of art and entertainment. This show is one of the events that you must not miss this year. Those who want to enjoy their holidays in the best possible fashion must grab some tickets for this show. Also, do not leave out your family and friends as Nutcracker is a treat for all. So wait no more and rush to get some Tickets for this spellbinding show now!