The Normal Heart Tickets


Normal Heart or Heart is a play about the spread and the devastation caused by the deadly HIV/Aids, especially in the gay community, in New York during the early part of 1980’s. It is one of the most serious but at the same time an equally amazing play that tackles a very threatening issue and its consequences head on. There aren’t too many playwrights who could have done and achieved what the legendary Larry Kramer has with this stunning theatrical experience. Theater fans should get their hands on Heart tickets at the first opportunity they get because this is one epic that simply cannot be missed.
Heart is a very serious, dark play that tackles the problem of a terrible disease. It is an absolutely searing production that has kept audiences captivated since it made its debut in 1985. The epidemic itself was in full swing in the early 80’s and Larry being one of the premier activists against this horrible disease took it upon himself to do a play about it. The whole point of creating the play was to open people’s eyes and give them a first hand experience of what people suffering from this terrible disease were going through. The most telling point that was highlighted in it was the effort, or the lack of it made by everyone to combat this nightmare from the start.
The seeds for the creation of Heart were sown in the 1970’s while Larry lived at the Fire Island and got worried when some of his friend started getting sick. He invited a few of his gay friends to his apartment so that they could hear a renowned doctor advise them about the epidemic. That was the start of the Larry Kramer’s gay activism that would eventually result in the shape of Heart. To combat the threat of HIV/AIDS Larry and some of his friends set up Gay Men’s Health Crisis in other words known as the GMHC. Kramer wanted funding from the government for research to get to the bottom of the disease and wanted the gay community to open their eyes to the nightmare staring them in their faces. When neither was forthcoming he wrote an open letter in which he blasted everyone responsible for the spread and their heads in the sand approach.  All the frustration and anger eventually turned him to writing a play about it hence Normal Heart came to the fore.
The story of Heart unsurprisingly is set within the time frame of 1981 to 1984, the period when the situation to combat the disease was at its worst. The play is about a writer Ned Weeks nursing his lover dying of a disease no one knows anything about. The doctors have no funding to conduct any sort of research to make the situation better. Ned is a member of a secret organization as well and instead of being politically correct and polite he is shown to be very loud and brash when getting his point across to do something about the widespread disease. His approach is not supported by anyone including Felix Turner, his lover but Ned refuses to back down from his beliefs. The difference in approach snowballs into a very serious situation and puts the entire campaign in jeopardy.
Heart made its debut on 21st April, 1985 at The Public Theater to massive acclaim. Fans and critics bought Heart tickets to go and watch this amazing masterpiece that highlighted the biggest issue of the time brilliantly. There are not a lot of props or even furniture used in the play and everything was done with a black background in place. The success of this stunning play has turned it into one of the greatest plays of all time and justifiably so. It has also been revived numerous time with the latest being in 2011. This latest re-creation has been just about as big a success as the original version which has brought its way five Tony Awards.
Heart is a portrayal of the efforts made by Larry Kramer which he has shown through Ned. The anger, frustration at everyone for avoiding the issue as if it will automatically go away shows how truly and deeply he felt about it. The play itself is theater at its darkest best and for fans Heart tickets are available to bear witness to one of the most amazing theatrical experiences of all time.