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Other Desert Cities is a play written by American playwright Jon Robin Baitz. It was staged Off-Broadway in early 2011, from where it was taken on Broadway by the end of the year, marking the debut of a Baitz play on Broadway. The show entered as a finalist in the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2012. The play centers round a family which is holds various political views while it harbors an age-old family secret.  Considered to be one the best works by Baitz, Other Desert Cities tickets has answered the curiosity of many theater-goers.

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Other Desert Cities is set in the Palm Springs region of California at Christmas in 2004, where Lyman Wyeth and Polly’s family get together for celebrations. The couple’s daughter Brooke Wyeth come back home after spending six years away, while at the same time her aunt, Polly’s sister Silda is also returning for a visit after spending time in rehab. Lyman and Polly are of the republican perspectives whereas Silda professes to be a liberal. It is shown that one time the sisters wrote a series of the sixties’ MGM comedies together.  At this time, Brooke chooses to announce to her family that she is soon to publish one of her memoirs that centers in a tragedy in the family’s history that has proved itself pivotal in shaping their lives from thereon, which is an event that everyone is only too unwilling to be disclosed. The tragedy surrounds the death of her brother Henry, whose life ended as a result of his involvement with the radical underground groups, the affects of which may have pushed him to commit suicide.
Originally, Other Desert Cities was called Love and Mercy. It debuted Off-Broadway in January 2011, at the Lincoln Center Theater in it Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater, with a rather limited audience and closed after a month. This production included in its cast, Stockard Channings, Linda Lavin, Stacy Keach, Thomas Sadoski, and Elizabeth Marvel. The play won an Outer Critics Circle Award in the category of Outstanding New Off-Broadway Play. it was later moved to Broadway, where it opened after month in November at Booth Theatre, including new cast members Rachel Griffins and Judith Light. Both the Broadway and Off-Broadway productions were directed by the Tony-award winner Joe Mantello. In May 2012, the production was nominated for five Antoinette Perry Awards by American Theatre Wing. Its Broadway production was also nominated for the categories of Best Actress in a Play, Best Featured Actress in a Play, Best Lighting Design and Best Scenic Design.
Other Desert Cities received favorable reviews from several publications. Ben Brantley, who write for New York Times, described the play to be the best sustained and most integrated play by Mr. Baitz, whose works have been considered to be quite promising. He wrote further that the show was masterfully directed by Joe Mantello, with a mix of ‘shimmer and shadow’ that appears much stronger, more credible and believable in its Broadway version. According to the review, the play has become more of a real piece of performance, in which the discomfort of the characters reflects more palpability than before. The review of Other Desert Cities as examined by The Hollywood Reporter, said that when the play debuted it was ‘smart and entertaining’ given that it was a first for Robin after six years. Moreover, it expresses in accordance with the previously discussed publication asserting that the play had vastly improved in its move to Broadway, where the ‘domestic dustup’ really ripens. The review also commended the play for its overall ‘penetrating characterization’ of the cast, and improvements in text, while also praising the balance drawn between ‘intense family drama and comedy’ that is ‘fine-tuned’ in a very satisfying manner. If you long to watch a rather serious, thought provoking play get in line for those Other Desert Cities tickets and be quenched by the moving plot.