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The beauty of ballet lies in its ability to impart color and sweeping motion to hushed words, often of a children’s tale, that would otherwise be rendered expressionless. Pennsylvania Ballet has been at the forefront of the American ballet scene since it was established by Barbara Weisberger in 1963. The fact that Weisberger was a protégé and student of George Balanchine himself, the creator of the modern version of ‘The Nutcracker’, was an added bonus as she intricately fine-tuned the performance to make it one of Pennsylvania’s most well-loved holiday traditions. Pennsylvania Ballet The Nutcracker has its origins in German author E.T.A. Hoffmann’s 1816 story, which shows Clara Silberhaus’s toy nutcracker come to life and transport her on a magical journey to a parallel world. It provides the famous ballet’s libretto. The original was later adapted by famed French author Alexander Dumas pere, from whom the ballet version took origin.
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Pennsylvania Ballet The Nutcracker is based on two acts and three scenes. At the start, Christmas Eve has set in on the house of Herr and Frau Silberhaus, who call for their children after decorating the festive tree. Of the children, Clara and her brother Fritz are eagerly anticipating the distribution of gifts. A mysterious councilman Drosselmeyer enters. He is also their godfather and a prodigiously talented toymaker, which is evident in the four beautiful dolls he hands out to the children. They are taken away for safekeeping, much to Clara’s chagrin, but Drosselmeyer then hands her a nutcracker. The bearded toy isn’t as captivating for the other children, but Clara is mystified by it. Fritz, in an attempt to annoy her, breaks its jaw when stuffing an overlarge hazelnut. Quickly bandaging it with a ribbon, Clara tries to repair the damage. When night falls, and the party disintegrates amid a slew of traditional dances, she waits for everyone to fall asleep before creeping to the parlor. Adoring her nutcracker, she is jolted by the clock striking midnight and a vision of Drosselmeyer perched atop the clock trying to stop the clock hand. Clara is shocked when the nutcracker grows manifold to lifelike size, and mice invade the room. A full-blown battle ensues as the nutcracker commands his army of gingerbread men against the Mouse King. The mice enjoy the upper hand, eating away the edible soldiers, and the villainous Mouse King advances to finish off the wounded nutcracker, only to be distracted by Clara’s flying slipper. Clara and the wounded nutcracker’s fate are intertwined in the rescue and a magical journey as the ballet progresses.

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky composed the original score of Pennsylvania Ballet The Nutcracker. The famed Russian composer was one of The Five influential Russian composers during the 20 th century. He profited from a Western-based training to compose scores for timeless classics like Sleeping Beauty , Swan Lake , and 1812 Overture . The legendary Marius Petipa was the choreographer for The Nutcracker, but his contribution is often questioned. Petipa had worked before with Tchaikovsky, and also had contributed some of ballet’s greatest hits, like Don Quixote and Le Talisman . He hated working under constraints, and they were certainly in place as Tchaikovsky dictated proceedings for fear of a deviated performance as he conducted concerts internationally during the preparation. Lev Ivanov was brought in, having served as Petipa’s long-time assistant. The extent of his involvement in the project is open to conjecture. Riccardo Drigo conducted the first premier, which was held in The Imperial Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia on 18 th December, 1892.

The original ballet of The Nutcracker was well-received, with special mention for its innovative use of the celesta. Alexander Gorsky and Vasili Vainonen produced versions by the mid-1930s that had adults cast in the roles of the children to address the problems associated with the original production. England sawThe Nutcrackerdebut on her shores in 1934 with Nicholas Sergeyev’s version, while America first saw the San Francisco Ballet Company play it. Balanchine’s version debuted in New York in 1954. It has been directly adapted in four different films and won numerous awards of recognition over the years.

Pennsylvania Ballet has pushed the bar for excellence higher under principle dancer Roy Kaiser’s leadership. The 37 dancers are all skilled in the Christmas-time ballet routines. Pennsylvania Ballet The Nutcracker, shown at the Academy of Music, will head the list of six shows over the festive season. With both the ballet and the company renowned for uncompromising excellence, it isn’t a surprise that Pennsylvania Ballet The Nutcracker Tickets are generating huge demand.