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We have all grown up listening about Peter Pan and his endless adventures. This evergreen Disney’s classic has won millions of hearts around the globe for over a century now and is ranked at the top in the list of ‘Most Wanted Fairy Tales of All Times’. Due to its amazing success, this creative narration by the Scottish novelist J.M. Barrie has been adapted into a number of films and musicals. This year, the story will be featured on stage along with the brilliant music by Anthony Drewe and George Stiles. Peter Pan tickets for the upcoming production have been made available now.

The curtain rises on the Darling family as the three children (Wendy, Michael and John) that happen to be the main characters of the story are shown lying in their beds, fast asleep. Wendy is eldest of the siblings and loves to narrate fairytales to her younger brothers, Michael and John. The adventures of the mythical Peter Pan from among a list of other stories is their favorite one and a must hear before sleeping every night. As the musical proceeds, according to the usual routine, one night the Darling kids sleep after listening to their favorite story, but much to everybody’s surprise, wake up in a different world. This is the point in the musical where action actually sets in! Peter Pan flies to their room in search of his shadow and by sprinkling the magical dust on children, takes them along to the ‘Neverland’. This journey to the enchanted land only stays pleasant until the introduction of an evil pirate Captain Hook who plans to capture Peter Pan and trouble his friends. He terrorizes the children and kidnaps the Indian Princess, Tiger Lily. The enraged Peter Pan rescues the princess and takes the children to a secure place.
His old friend Tinker Bell doesn’t like Peter Pan getting all protective about Wendy and her brothers. The story in each stage of progression surprises the audiences with an interesting twist that keeps them hooked to the show. In short, the musical is an entertaining combination of adventure and drama. In addition to this, the embedded emotions of friendship, love and care in the story spices it up with a number of interesting events. What do you think, will Peter Pan defeat Captain Hook and his evil plans? Will the children get back to their own world and still be friends with their hero? You can only find this out by being a part of it, live.
Peter Pan is being staged for more than twenty years now and is reported to be enjoyed by the children and adults alike. It is one story that has travelled through decades and the young generation of today is the lucky to see their hero in motion rather than just reading about him in books. The musical also gives the parents a chance to refresh their childhood memories along with their children. It has been reviewed to give an experience that is completely worth the price. We have all read about the amazing adventures of Peter Pan but how many of us have seen it with magical effects on stage. The number doesn’t accumulate to form a big percentage of people. We believe that it is never too late to enjoy a Disney classic. With Peter Pan tickets for its brand new production, you can now feel young at heart again! The musical is all set to be staged live in your town once again! The tickets have been made available for the ardent fans! So without wasting any time, rush off and avail the discount offer before it expires! Be prepared to embark on a magical journey with Peter Pan and his enchanting friends!

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