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The popular radio show “Radiolab” is back on the stage to present its upcoming live show. With its amazing science features and curiosity developing topics, Radiolab has become a national hit amongst viewers and listeners.  Its success as a popular radio program is something everybody is familiar with, but now it has prepared something new for its fans. Its new show performances are one of the most anticipated live shows this season. With outstanding success on the radio, no doubt the Radiolab will impress fans once again. The show is emerging as a popular running show across venues and has left behind many other similar productions. It has over 1.8 million people tuned in on a regular basis and still has a growing fan base.

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Radiolab was first created by WNCY, a renowned radio station of New York City. It was hosted by popular producer Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich. Both men have achieved mastery at their skills. They applied what they are good at to form Radiolab, and have taken the show to prominent heights. Jad Abumrad’s musical compositions and Robert Krulwich’s in-depth knowledge on various subjects have contributed to the show tremendously. The show has added a great spin to the genre of scientific philosophical investigation and has made it appealing to audiences all over.  Experimental audio combined with human experience is the main theme of Radiolab. They cover all sorts of scientific elements ranging from noise, to darkness, to strange scientific facts. Radiolab is also available as a podcast and is watched by audiences of all ages, ranging from 10 year olds to 75 years.
Radiolab was first officially aired in 2005 after a successful run of a series of sporadic science themed programs. Jad Abumrad had previously made documentaries such as the “24 Hours at the Edge of Ground Zero” which was a successful post 9/11 radio documentary. He teamed up with Robert Krulwich to make a unique scientific show that none have ever seen before. Radiolab is all about innovation and taking it to the next level. Unlike the boring science shows every other sci-fi production house, Radiolab has that X factor fans are looking for. They have taken the element of seriousness away from scientific philosophical subjects and have added pure fun to it. Never before have had people enjoyed watching science in such an entertaining form. Rapid dialogue edits, amazing sound effects, and interviews all add up to form the content of the show.
The great thing about Radiolab that makes it unique is the lack of scripting; the show’s basic concept is free flow. Moving from radio to on stage transition will be all about experimenting. No preplanned themes and acts will keep the level of genuineness in the performance. Audiences can expect literally anything coming from Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich. The show makes sure audiences are engaged in the topic and stay on track with the hosts. Normally you would find yourself bored with science material based shows, but this isn’t the case with Radiolab, entertainment is guaranteed. Radiolab has won many prestigious awards such as the George Foster Peabody Award, and the National Academies Communication Award. Critics have claimed Radiolab to be one of the most limitless and imaginative shows ever.
 These two entertainers will now give audiences a live visual treat. Radiolab has proved to be a major success in cities such as New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles, with sold out shows as a living proof. Radiolab tickets have been one of the top selling items this year. If you listen to Radiolab then this is the event for you, as now you’d get to see Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich takes the stage for some live action. They will be touring across cities bringing the sci-fi fun to their fans. Enjoy their new experiment in venues near you. Tickets are selling out fast so hurry and get your Radiolab tickets instantly.

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