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Beatles have reined the music industry with their beautiful music for years and have left their impact on the minds and hearts of millions of people belonging to all parts of the world. In order to re live those moments the Rain- A Tribute to the Beatles show is organized to enjoy the music of one of the most successful bands of the century.

Rain- A Tribute to the Beatles is a show that initially started as an extension of the already playing Broadway production known as Beatlemania . For one year i.e. from 2010 till 2010 the Rain was shown on Broadway for three hundred shows along with eight performances that took place at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre which is located in New York. It was taken on tours to all parts of the world and has been enjoying the support of its audience as well as the critics. This show at first started as a band named Reign that mostly sang the songs sung by the Beatles and this made them popular in California and also in the Western coast of America. After some years the name of the band was changed to Rain. The original line up of this band included musicians like Chuck Coffey, Eddie Lineberry, Grant Belotti and William Connearny. All these artists owing to their resemblance to the legendry Beatles were signed by Dick Clark who made them a part of his film entitled Birth of the Beatles which was released in the year 1979. Clark’s main focus was on creating music and ambiance that would make them very close to the Beatles . For some time they tried to sing independently without being under the influence of Beatles and in the early 1980s they started playing for the Disneyland’s Tomorrowland Terrace .

In the year 1982 the cast of Beatlemania , which was a musical that consisted of music given by the Beatles only, decided to join the Rain which became an official off shoot of the musical. This collaboration consisted of Ralph Castelli, Joey Curatolo, Joe Bithorn, Mark Lewis and Randy Clarke. In the year 2009 they included some other artists and musicians to their band like Graham Alexander, Joe Bologna, Steve Landes and Tom Teeley.

The Rain- A Tribute to the Beatles is an act that has ability to re create the music of those who sang nothing but the best and for this reason they are still remembered and will be remembered till the end of times. Rain tours extensively and takes with it the whole theatrical production and this makes it one of the most commercially successful acts of the year as well. They made their first television appearance in the year 2007 and this performance was turned into a promotion program for the tour. The whole cast of the show changes depending upon the type of the show. The Rain- A Tribute to the Beatles tickets promises an evening that would not disappoint you. Those who are in search of quality music there can be no other place except the venue where the Beatles are remembered in the most beautiful way.

Over the course of the illustrious history of the music industry, there have been bands that have redefined the way we listen to music. Their talents helped them rise above everyone else and have forevermore placed their names in the pages of history books. One band that has been described as being among one of the greatest bands in history are the Beatles. Today, there have been many tributes to this legendary band but one tribute show that is creating the most hype currently has to be Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles. Pollstar, a leading trade publication industry that focuses primarily on concerts, ranked the band at the number seventeenth spot in its annual list titled Pollstar’s Hot Top 20 in the year 2008. Pollstar based its results in terms of the overall tickets that were sold by the touring show over the year. Considering this fact, you would be better off in buying your Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles Tickets as early as you possibly can.

Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles started its production life as a tribute show to one of the greatest bands in the history of music; the Beatles. The Beatles are claimed to be one of the most successful bands in terms of their commercial history and also one of the best bands to ever appear in the popular music scene by world renowned critics. To try and pay a tribute to such a legendary band is one enormous and extremely difficult task, and to do that task well would be quite an achievement. The show, initially, was begun as an offshoot to the popular musical production on Broadway which went by the name Beatlemania . Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles had a very successful run during its time on Broadway. In total, the show had a total of three-hundred performances and also included a total of eight preview performances before the actual thing had started. Apart from its time on Broadway, Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles has also enjoyed a string of very successful national tours that can be traced down to a number of years.

Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles originates back to the 1970s when a club band was formed. The name of the band, at the time, was Reign and it was known for their performances of classic Beatles songs while they were involved in the club circuit. During the early part of the 1980s, the band enjoyed its finest moment of their careers when they were headlined at the Tommorowland Terrace at Disneyworld. Around the same time, after the production of Beatlemania came to a close, a large number of people who were part of this Broadway production came in and joined their ranks. Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles has seen many of its members leave them as well due to various reasons but over time, as the tribute show continually witnessed an increase in their popularity, the show expanded and there were numerous other people who have replaced the ones that had left. At present times, Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles is a full fledge theatrical production. As a result of their success on their tours, they have also become the highest grossing act of its kind. During the year 2007, Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles welcomed the premier of the their first ever television special. The special was aired on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). The purpose of this special was to promote its touring schedules all over the United States. The show has also been responsible for conducting a very successful European tour and now holds a very deep connection to the people who saw their performance. Their success and popularity led them to being transferred from the Neil Simon Theatre to the Brooks Atkinson Theatre during the month of February in the year 2011. This occurred when the show was opened on Broadway in the month of January in the same year. As a result of the transfer, it only had a twelve week run at the former venue but the move was justified later with the success it achieved.

Getting a chance to see Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles would be a dream come true for two types of people; those who love the Beatles and those who adore this theatrical production. In order for you to see them, buy your Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles Tickets today and get ready to be mesmerized by this amazing show.

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