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The British Royalty has a long legacy laced with deceit, subterfuge, murder, torture and ritual sacrifice. One such episode entails the ascension of Richard III to the throne in 1483. Richard III was Edward IV's brother and following the latter's death in April 1483, was designated to serve as the Lord Protector of the royal realm until Edward's son Edward V could ascend to the throne. However the machinations of the royal political elite prevailed and the matrimonial ties between Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville were deemed void, whereby bastardizing the young issues and placing Richard III on the throne of England. Edward V along with his younger brother Richard of Shrewsbury, 1st Duke of York was imprisoned in the Tower of London, never to be seen again. Nonetheless, Richard III's reign was cut short to three years by Henry Tudor, the grandfather of Elizabeth I, who became Henry VII. The exploits of Richard III have been portrayed in an eponymous play by William Shakespeare. Get your Richard III tickets for witnessing the shenanigans of Kevin Spacey as the incorrigible monarch in the production directed by Sam Mendes.

The play takes off with the events unfolding in the last three years of the War of the Roses that had been waged between rival houses, each vying for England's ultimate seat of power. Richard III is depicted as the irascible villain from the onset and is further denigrated by his bitterness and resentment for his anatomical deformity emphasized by his hump and a limp. Richard III is depicted by Shakespeare as being completely driven by his lust for power. Taking on Henry VI's widowed Queen Anne Neville as his wife, he has his older brother George, Duke of Clarence taken out of the picture on charges of treason and then becomes king himself following his elder brother Edward IV's mysterious death and the declaration of his offspring as bastards. The final straw is banishing Edward V, the heir to the throne, as well as his younger brother Richard to the macabre Tower of London, where the two princes were allegedly murdered later as per Richard III's orders. The latter even attempts to take his own niece Princess Elizabeth as his wife after having his wife Queen Anne murdered. However the former Queen Elizabeth, wife of the deceased King Edward IV secures and alliance with Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond who succeeds in slaying Richard III in the Battle of Bosworth Field and apparently unites the red and white roses of the houses Lancaster and York, whereby establishing the house of Tudor as the dominant one.

The first manuscript of Richard III is believed to have been penned by the bard William Shakespeare in 1591 and is the longest play thus written after Hamlet, coming as a concluding piece of work following the earlier trilogy of Henry VI. The thematic nuances of the play have been shrewdly woven by the famed playwright around the liberties of free will and the eventual dire consequences that befall the one who exercises it. Though essentially dealing with grim elements centering on murderous ploys and outbursts of psychotic rage, the play does possess comedic undertones that make themselves apparent largely through the central character that is laudably portrayed by Kevin Spacey.

The earliest known performance of Richard III is presumed to have taken place in 1633, with Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria in the audience. Since then, countless stage productions, and film versions come 20th century, have been unveiled, with the most notable portrayals of the protagonist coming from the likes of John Barrymore, Alec Guinness, Ian Holm, Ian McKellen, Laurence Olivier and now Kevin Spacey. Both Spacey and director Sam Mendes received Oscars for their work associated with the 1999 risqué flick American Beauty.

The set of Richard III, courtesy designer Tom Piper, flies in the face of conventional ornate settings and staunchly embeds itself in minimalism and austerity. A grey hall with doors lining both sides presents the audience with compounded depth perception courtesy Paul Pyant's spot-on lighting, representing an insight into the mental psyche of the lead character. This production of Richard III concludes the ambitious transatlantic Bridge Project that previously staged Shakespeare's As You Like It and The Tempest. So book your Richard III tickets now to bridge your own gap with one of the iconic playwright's most controversial works dealing with one of the most sordid chapters of Britain's regal history.

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