The Secret Garden Tickets

The Secret Garden is an opera based on famous children’s novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, which was released in 1911. Over the course of the 20th century, the book has been adapted into numerous films and theatrical productions that have captured the imagination of audiences for the better part of a century. The original book is considered a classic and its many film adaptations have been released, often to critical acclaim.

The most notable and famous production of The Secret Garden was the Broadway musical of the same name. That production started in 1991 and ran for more than seven hundred performances. The book for the play, along with the lyrics for its songs, was written by Marsha Norman and the music was given by Lucy Simon. It was both commercially and critically successful, winning several Tony Awards and the approval of audiences. It was later reproduced in Australia, in 1995, and in England’s famous West End in 2001.
Having proved its worth as a theatrical production, the source material is now being taken into even more radical and innovative territory with an opera version of The Secret Garden. The latter has been commissioned by the San Francisco Opera. It will be directed by Jose Maria Condemi, with music by Nolan Gasser. Furthermore, the Libretto is by Carey Harrison. This audacious theatrical incarnation of The Secret Garden is sure to be inventive and entertaining and sales of The Secret Garden tickets are likely to be strong.
The story of The Secret Garden concerns a young girl of upper-class English heritage, named Marry Lennox. At the start of the story, she is sent to England to live at the manor of her aunt’s widower. This is after the death of her parents at the hands of cholera. Until this time, the child lived in India with her parents during the time of the British Raj. She is pampered and spoiled. The irony of her situation is that, while she is English, she is alien to the culture of the country she is going back to. On top of that, she now has to adjust to a life without her parents, in the house of a man who does not show her much affection.
Along the way, she discovers a secret garden that is hidden in the manor and soon after, discovers the painful past associated with it. Determined and resolute to piece together the shattered remains of the past, Mary sets out on a personal journey of self-discovery and revival. The story ends with an uplifting conclusion, as the pain of a family’s past is washed away to make way for a loving future.
The themes of The Secret Garden are varied and deep. The garden in the story is where a family was nearly destroyed and another was brought back to life. It is, therefore, a symbol of rebirth. As such, it is interesting to note the similarities of the garden’s symbolism with that of the Hindu deity Vishnu who is both a destroyer and a creator. The garden represents redemption, renewal and the ability of all living beings to heal and grow together and then start fresh.
The Secret Garden is a story that is timeless and universal, with themes of hope and revival. The operatic incarnation of the book is sure to be an exciting and satisfying continuation of the long-standing evolution of the original story. Intended as a family-oriented event, The Secret Garden tickets are bound to be a strong seller among those who value wholesome family entertainment that also engages the senses, emotions and the mind on several levels.