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Broadway is home to the popular stage play “Seminar”. The show has become a nationwide hit in the theater world. Its provocative comedy and unique story plot has attracted a wide number of audiences. Award winning Seminar is back this year to give you pure comedy entertainment. The popular cast of including Jeff Goldblum will have theaters crowded for another taste of their witty writing seminar. The whole idea of seminar is based on four inspiring novelists who sign up for writing classes headed by a literary icon named Leonard. Fantastic acting and the hilarious script of Seminar has outnumbered many other theater shows in the industry. It has become a renowned and highly appreciated Broadway spectacle.

Seminar premiered in 2011 at the John Golden Theater in New York City.  The play was written and designed by an American playwright Theresa Rebeck, we all know her for her outstanding work in the television series NYPD: Blue, American Dreamer, and Brooklyn Bridge. With the help of famous producer Sam Gold, she gave life to “Seminar” and transformed it into an amazing theater production. Later on the show was pursued by Sam Gold who took it on the next level of success; he ran the show on Broadway and gained instant popularity. Widely acclaimed writer Theresa Rebeck has turned the most boring idea of a typical writing seminar into a phenomenal stage show.
The story of seminar begins with the depiction of a classroom environment where four student novelists gather to learn from a popular author. His private writing classes are completely unorthodox which come as a surprise for a few. Students get the shock as they discover that the mentor isn’t exactly the typical author they hoped for. Blunt soul crushing comments and overconfident intellect spins the heads of most. His mentoring has no boundaries and jaw dropping advice to his future novelist students has audiences laughing off their seats. The atmosphere turns into a battle of innocence versus the experienced and professionals. Students came in for some writing tips but instead seems like they got a lot more than they bargained for.  You can find a unique combination of extreme sarcasm, romance, and comedy all in one performance.
The cast and crew of Seminar have played a huge role in making the play a success. It’s not just the storyline that attracted fans but also the fantastic acting of each performer in Seminar. Hollywood superstar Jeff Goldblum plays the role of the teacher, he is known for his blockbuster hits such as “Jurassic Park” and “Holy Man”. Jeff Goldblum has did the role complete justice with his remarkable witty attitude and sarcastic humor. Students are played by popular Justin Long, Zoe Lister, Jerry O’Connell, and Hettienne Park. Each cast member has familiarity amongst the audiences due to their film career. The stage set up portrays a classroom/library environment where the Seminar is supposedly taking place. Perfect duplication and on the spot lighting effects engage fans into the Seminar. Much appreciation should be given to the backstage crew members who add up the entire play to perfection.  
Since its premiere the show has been positively received by all kinds of audiences. Seminar has been praised by many magazines for its exhilarating humor. The Hollywood reporter considered Seminar as a “constantly entertaining show” whereas USA Today thought of it as an “Enriching study”. Without a doubt Seminar has reached the top of successful theater entertainment in less than a span of a year. Audiences look forward to seeing their favorite Hollywood stars in this outstanding comedy. Who could imagine a writing seminar to be as fun as this? If you’re looking for something new or a breath of fresh entertainment then this show is just for you. Take your friends and family out for a wonderful evening at the theater and watch Seminar. Tickets are selling out fast so don’t wait any longer and get your Seminar tickets now.

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