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Septime Webre's The Nutcracker isWashington Ballet's mind blowing performance in the world of art. It is a vivid American version of the well-known Russian version of Nutcracker Ballet. The Nutcracker has become just as much of a holiday season tradition as Christmas itself. It has now become a custom to watch The Nutcracker in holidays. First produced by Tchaikovsky this masterpiece from Russia has become an icon of Christmas from the nineteenth century. Other productions from the same era include “A Christmas Carol”. Septime Weber’s The Nutcracker produced for the Americans was performed by the Washington Ballet in 2004. Septime Weber was the Art Director of this version. Webre is popular for taking Tchaikovsky’s creation very close to his heart and transformed it into a ballet for the American audience.
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Mary Day founded The Washington Ballet in 1944 in collaboration with Lisa Gardiner . The Ballet Company is known generally and globally for its traditional preparation and devotion to fineness in dance and educating for dance. The Washington Ballet School has the potential to train at the least more than 500 students every year.

Septime Webre stated once that his duty is to shape on the heritage customized by Mary Day. She has been an actual idealistic and just like constructing a house upon a creek, she built her dreams upon a stream. For him it is more of a philosophy to be cherished. His apparition is well-matched with the inheritance she had left here in the name of the Washington Ballet. Even though it is a conventional piece of art, but refined and completely delightful, the production endured hard rivalry in every season it was displayed. After the demise of Mary Day, Webre decided not to produce the theatrical again as Mary Day wanted it that way after her death.

The Nutcracker is a story for all ages. Rather fantasy which fascinates grandparents to grandchildren. It soothes the minds of all children and revitalizes their childhood memory. Each character in the story has its own significance. George Washington is depicted by the Nutcracker and George III is depicted by the Rat King. The story therefore turns out to be a Revolutionary battle with the English soldiers (in this case the mice). People were eager to see this theatrical and it went on for months owing to its popularity. Even though at that time Septime Webre's The Nutcracker tickets were not that hard to obtain, yet there were many people who go back to their homes disappointed without watching the play.

There are many incidents in history that we tend not to forget even if we want to. There are instances in past that are recollected incessantly: George Washington’s battle declared in the Delaware to take over the British regime, first American flag being stitched by Betsy Ross and free rights declaration by Frederick Douglas. All these events put together and mixed with the extraordinary creativity of the Washington Ballet give birth to A Nutcracker. Talent, history and entertainment are the actual description of this theatrical.

The Nutcracker is a glorifying drama that unfolds mystically, entertaining and funny at the same time. Nutcracker is a masterpiece created by Webre, intertwining the lifestyle of Washington. Brilliant dancing, hilarity, patriotism and inspiration are some of the qualities that can be used to explain this phenomenological experience. Septime Webre's The Nutcracker is a masterpiece and a must see.

The most talked about scene of this theatrical is the Battle Scene. Reprisal of a historical moment is not easy, yet this scene has all the elements of a superb production. Army of young little radical combatants fighting the Red Coat Rats; the Rat King is robed alike The King of England with a huge gilded robe and the crown; soldiers marching across the platform. In the meantime, the Nutcracker Prince, who is portraying George Washington, kills the Rat and is revived back to live by Drosselmeyer.

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