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Sesame Street live is the theatrical adaptation of the immensely popular children’s TV show Sesame Street. The musical is a live touring show and features all the popular characters from Sesame Street. The show consistently follows the musical scores and lyrics from the original series. Professional dancers and stage performers don the costumes of popular Sesame Street characters on stage and convey the storylines to their young audiences through a highly entertaining fusion of singing, dancing and acting all at the same time. The show primarily targets young children ages 2 and above. Sesame Street live Elmo’s Superheroes is a particular plot line or an episode in the general repertoire of performances of the show.

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The live musical is produced by a Minneapolis based company called VEE Productions. The theatre performances were first launched in September 1980 where the show played the episode titled “Missing Bird Mystery”. This performance was staged at the Met Center in Bloomington, Minnesota. The show then went on to perform four weekends consecutively around the Christmas of 1980 at Madison Square Garden and has remained popular ever since. Every season the Sesame Street Live launches its performances around late summer, working for eight to ten months, and concludes the season in spring. The 2011-12 season marks the 32nd season for the production. It has now become the longest running stage show for children. To date, more than 50 million parents and their young off springs have enjoyed Sesame Street live productions. The scope of the show’s fame is not just restricted to the United States, the birthplace of Sesame Street. Sesame Street Live has also been performed in other countries including Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Barbados, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago, The Netherlands, Dubai and Bahrain among others.
Sesame Street live Elmo’s Superheroes is performed on stage in a very theatrical manner. The scenery from the original TV series including Mr. Hooper’s store, the 123 building, silhouette of the cityscape and other details from the monsters’ environment are portrayed on backdrops very realistically. These props are aided by multimedia screens to create a very life-like 3-D effect. The entire repertoire of Sesame Street Live productions contains many different episodes and plotlines. The show runs in the same localities each year. This means that the producers and writers have to keep rotating plots and stories around so as not to repeat a performance before the same audience. Sometimes some stories are also removed from the schedule if they have been performed too often. The target audience however changes as kids grow up. Therefore the deleted shows are put back on stage after a few years with several modifications. Some of the most recent popular Sesame Street Live performances include Super Grover! Ready for Action (2005), Elmo Makes Music (2006-07), Elmo’s Green Thumb (2008) and Elmo’s Super Heroes (2010). Sesame Street Live Elmo’s Super Heroes was also initially titled Elmo’s Healthy Heroes but then the name was changed to the current format.
Sesame Street Live, Elmo’s Super Heroes is based on the scenario that Super Grover, Sesame Street’s most beloved and adorable superhero monster, loses his superpowers. This is when Elmo and his friends rise to the occasion and act as heroes to help their distressed friend. Elmo and his fabulous friends including Abbey Cadabby, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie, Big Bird and Zoey and Telly join forces to help Grover get his superpowers back. Each character takes a turn at helping Grover through solving various problems through singing and dancing. The problems revolve around the importance of healthy food, exercise, hygiene and rest. Through solving these problems the Sesame Street characters deliver valuable educational lessons to young children in the audience through singing, dancing and entertainment in a highly effective fashion. This makes Sesame Street Live Elmo’s Super Heroes tickets a favorite not just among the kids but also a coveted commodity for their parents.
It is one thing to watch the Sesame Street characters on the television, but it’s quite another experience for the children to see them come alive on stage. On top of that, Sesame Street Live Elmo’s Super Heroes is rumored to be one of the most enjoyable as well as instructive performances for Sesame Street fans. With the new season around the corner, Sesame Street Live Elmo’s Super Heroes tickets are readily available now with all the promise of a truly memorable event for its young friends!

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