Sesame Street Live 123 Imagine

Sesame Street Live 123 Imagine Tickets

The Sesame Street Live 123 Imagine show is one of a kind musical experience filled with learning for you and your family. It is a show loved by children of all ages and is equally enjoyed by the accompanying adults. In more ways than one, this show aims to establish and build a child’s affinity with live performances and help them learn a lot of important things and valuable lessons in the process. There is almost always a live story happening in the show which is very captivating and engaging. In addition to this there is live dancing, singing and opportunities for audience members to interact with the characters afterwards. Also everyone is encouraged to join in during the singing and clap to show their appreciation of the performance.
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The Sesame Street Live 123 Imagine show promises to bring all of children’s favorite characters from the hit TV show of the same name to a live event. There will be the Big Bird which if truth be told is the representation of every child in the show and in the audience. He is yellow feathered and looks like a big ostrich. He is always very excited to discover new things and is easily overjoyed but just as easily like any child he can lose interest and get disappointed if things do not work out.  But he is always willing to give everything another chance and as the show is interactive, members of the audience can always tell him and help him in doing things the right way. And the whole thing becomes a learning experience for the Big Bird and the children in the audience. Then there is Elmo which is a furry red monster but everyone’s favorite in the show and in audience. He is as curious and hyper as a three year old and represents a child’s innocence and enthusiasm. He can easily be described as cute and cuddly and very courageous. Whichever situation he finds himself in, he tries to make the most out of it. A more new introduction to the show is of Abby Cadabby which is a character not many old fans of the show would recognize as she has only recently been added to Sesame. She is a fairy in training who is only three years old. As she is still a very young fairy, she is very prone to making accidents happen and more often than not, she is likely to turn you into a pumpkin with her wand. Her hobbies include rhyming, and hearing stories of other fairies and fictional characters. Joining the proceedings at Sesame Street Live 123 Imagine performance will be the free spirited trickster Ernie, who loves to trick every person he meets on the show, but has his heart in the right place. Then there is Zoe, who is Elmo’s best friend and like her friend is excited about every new thing she encounters. She has endless energy and is too much into jewellery.
Some of the stories featured in the Sesame Street Live 123 Imagine show include Elmo dancing to the rhythm and beats of the rainforest in Africa as he comes face to face with the creatures of the forest.  Ernie will serve as the captain of the show and transport the characters and audiences to a magical kingdom of wonder and merriment. Bert will meet an octopus and a lot of new adventures will happen. The show tries to teach the kids to never stop exploring and always believing in their dreams. They can choose whatever they want to do in life and are masters of their own destiny. If you want to initiate your child into the magic and wonder of live theater and are along for the fun and joy ride then get ready to be entertained with live music, puppetry, dancing, singing and interactive storylines by getting your Sesame Street Live 123 Imagine tickets now!