Sesame Street Live Elmo Makes Music

Sesame Street Live Elmo Makes Music Tickets

A bulbous mass of bright red fur moves across your visual frame. Your innate dread for all things large and furry kicks in and you try to make sense of the hidden intentions of this seemingly incomprehensible freak of nature. However, soon you start to make out arms and legs that writhe incessantly and pair of bulging eyes pop out, staring straight at you. Suddenly the flaming red creature is joined by other equally bizarre entities that express their own "colorful" persona and the entire menagerie breaks out into a high pitched song and dance routine. Rather than making a cacophony that typical monsters are expected to do, this fur-bellied lot makes music with whatever implement that they can lay their paws on. Intrigued much! Then come find out by grabbing hold of some Sesame Street Live Elmo Makes Music tickets.
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Many of us have grown up watching the outwardly cuddly, feathery, furry and essentially foamy denizens of Sesame Street attempting to teach you everything from "ABC" and "1,2,3" to why some muppets can't fly no matter how hard they try, the skinny blue Super Grover being a case in point. Sesame Street was unleashed upon television audiences the same year that they saw another set of bulging humanoids apparently land on the moon. The Sesame Street Live touring show morphed into existence almost a decade later, with the VEE Corporation based in Minneapolis taking over the production reins. The first show that it put out was A Sesame Street Mystery: The Case of the Missing Rara Avis. The Sesame Street Live Elmo Makes Music show is part of this touring franchise's latest lineup that also includes Elmo's Super Heroes and 1-2-3 Imagine! With Elmo and Friends.

The Sesame Street Live Elmo Makes Music event will feature many of Sesame Street's most recognizable characters. The gender defying Elmo brings along all his friends along such as Abby Caddaby, Bert as well as his bane and partner Ernie, the frightful numerically challenged Count Von Count, Rosita, Telly Monster along with the every-hungry Cookie Monster, the beak-lipped Big Bird, the innately grumpy Oscar the Grouch and the twittering Zoe. The Sesame Street Live Elmo Makes Music performance, loosely spread over two acts, depicts an initially gung ho human music teacher by the name of Jenny whose enthusiasm is dampened upon arriving at Sesame Street after finding out that her instruments are missing in action. However, Elmo and his gang soon use their fluffy noggins to come with all sorts of ways of making music through odds and ends such as Ernie's bath time rubber duckie, Bert's empty (beer!?) bottles, Cookie Monster's very own cookie jar and even grouchy Oscar's trashcan lids.

The music ensuing from the makeshift instruments played by the oddball puppets in the Sesame Street Live Elmo Makes Music staging rings familiar, with tunes such as "The Hustle," "Dance to the Music," "Rockin' Robin" and "You Should Be Dancing" as well as Sesame Street classics such as "C is for Cookie" along with "The Alphabet Song". Throughout the 90 minute show, the children are the real VIPs and are thoroughly encouraged to pitch in with their squeaky voices and even use their hands and feet to keep the rhythm alive. Even the grownups accompanying the tiny tots might find some salvation in "Pinball Number Count" by The Pointer Sisters that was used ad nauseam in successive runs of Sesame Street.

If you and your little ones weren't able to get enough of all the music that Elmo & co. made during the show, you can indulge them in a plethora of Sesame Street memorabilia that are up for grabs. There are items such as pennants, Zoe tutus, Elmo themed balloons, spinners and lights, albeit by shelling out some serious dough. So book some Sesame Street Live Elmo Makes Music tickets for a monster musical fest where the kids are in for a special treat as well as the other way round.