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A unique and innovative theatrical experience, Sleep No More has entrapped the audience in its enchanting visuals and spectacular theatre that is not only immersive in nature but also allows the audience to paint the picture with their own imagination. The show allows the audience to explore the riveting story set in a mesmerizing ambiance, at their own pace, exploring the depths of an artistic vision offered by the beautifully amalgamated one of a kind theatrical session. The marvelously designed and choreographed theatre reveals its enchanting journey at the fictional hotel “The McKittrick Hotel,” that actually is a block of warehouses located in Manhattan, New York. New York Times described the show as a “voyeur’s delight,” stating that it “messes with your head as thoroughly as any artificial stimulant. Spectacular.”  New York Post dubbed the show as “thrilling” and “mind-bending,” where as Associated Press described it as “brilliantly imagined! utterly unique.” By acquiring Sleep No More tickets, the audience and theater lovers can make sure to indulge in a thrilling and stimulating evening that will touch all the five senses, while the show reveals its magical colors.

Sleep No More is a child of Punchdrunk productions that has reinvented the show based on its “Boston’s’ American Repertory Theater” collaboration of 2009 and its London production of 2003. The show has been produced in collaboration with Emursive and it premiered in 2011. Since then the theatrical journey has garnered rave reviews from critics as well as audiences, who have highly praised the charming performances, beautiful costumes, breathtaking visuals and the electrifying aura of the show. Punchdrunk has been a pioneer of trendsetting immersive theater productions, fascinating audiences for over a decade since 2000. The company has mastered the art of epic storytelling while the audience roams around the mystical lands, exploring the sensory world of new age theater. The company has managed to transcend all barriers of the usual theater audience and the way they satisfy their hunger for theater. Instead, Punchdrunk has managed to evolve the format of the game by amalgamating physical performances, unique designs, unpredictable sites and classic content to offer a breathtaking theatrical experience for the crowd.
Sleep No More reveals the tragic story of William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” through film noir angle. The story revolves around the murderous reign of Macbeth in an attempt to rule the kingdom as king. His ambitions lead him towards corruption resulting in a disastrous effect of his actions. The show unravels the classic tale of tyranny, prophecy, masculinity and cruelty through a stylistic approach used in film noirs to depict cynical mind-sets and sexual impulses in a crime drama.  The production allows the audience to explore the drama at their own pace and will, resulting in a unique journey for every individual. Additional flavor is added to the mystical theatrical ride when the audience wears a mask while they travel through the alluring scenes and compelling plot. The performances are mostly physical and employee minimal use of dialogues, forcing the audience to fill the gaps with their own imagination to join the dots together, as the events unfold right before their eyes from floor to floor. Entertainment Weekly hails the show as “Wickedly wonderful” that “engages all senses.”
The epic story telling approach has become one of the most sought after experience for the theatre lovers. The show constantly shifts the lines between spectator, performer and space to offer the audience, the alluring childlike journey of discovering the unknown and experiencing the sense of voyage. Sleep No More offers the masked spectators to travel a perplexing exploratory journey with exotic ambiance and the power of making each journey a distinctive theatrical experience. The show has managed to enchant masses, claiming accolades and awards including “Unique Theatrical Experience,” award at the 2011 Drama Desk Awards as well as bagging special citation for “design and choreography” at Obie Awards in 2011. Described as “sensational, erotic, unique” by the New York Daily News, the show offers a powerful and matchless journey. By acquiring Sleep No More tickets, the audience can make sure to witness the mind blowing theatrical voyage into the mystical world of imagination and feelings through a stylized film noir approach for a breathtaking experience. 

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