The Space Tour Team Starkid Tickets

Ann Arbor Michigan Starkid productions or Team Starkid as it is popularly known is a student endeavor of creating a theatre production troupe in 2009. The amateur students of University of Michigan worked endlessly to make their name in the theatre world and it reaped a beautiful fruit in the shape of Starkid productions. The troupe’s productions gained over 99 million views on You Tube alone while over 174,000 subscribers have already been interested in troupe’s You Tube channel. The production has now relocated itself to Chicago , Illinois as most of the members of the troupe have moved there.

Team Starkid was formed when a few members like Matt Lang, Eric Kahn Gale, Elona Finlay, Lauren Lopez and a lot many more worked on the online video series in 2007. The whole idea was funded by the money they won through a competition by SOAPnet. Starkid Productions first showcased their talent in Walgreen Drama Center at University of Michigan campus in 2009. The show titled A Very Potter Musical was named as The 10 Best Viral Videos of 2009. The video quickly garnered 2 million views and thus became an instant hit amongst the fans of Harry Potter. In 2010, Starkid Productions made another endeavor and produced their second production Me and My Dick . This not only debuted at number one for Original Cast Recording on the Billboard Charts but it was also a great effort on the part of a college production. At this time Starkid not only established themselves as a fantastic player in the comedy musicals, rather they successfully achieved stardom as national heroes.

Space Tour by Team Starkid is another great effort about to go on air soon. The Space Tour will comprise of a number of super hits from the Team Starkid’s Comedy musicals like Kick it Up a Notch, Granger Danger and a lot more. Charlene Kaye is the opening star for the Team Starkid tour bringing forth her talent of singing and songwriting to its pinnacle. She has the talent to blend together dancehall pop, soul mix and rock and roll thus making tour an instant hit for sure. The inspiration from the great singers like Blondie and ABBA while not to forget the latest Rufus Wainwright and Yeah Yeah Yeahs , her music is a classic amalgamation of genres and generations alike.

Many rate Starkid as the true story of Cinderella of the modern age. There is hardly any production house that has successfully made name in the field with such a massive fan base online. Having 97 million views and 160,000 Facebook fans, Team Starkid has attracted the media like anything where The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and MTV have covered them like any big celebrity.

With the breaks at 14 cities, Team Starkid is planning Space Tour around the country to once again rekindle the spark of their fabulous productions in the hearts of their fans. Space Tour Team Starkid will play the music from all of their productions like A Very Potter Musical, Starship and Me and My Dick and that too live to make that special effect for its valued audience. Although Darren Criss has left for Glee but he will be joining the Space Tour Team Starkid as he can’t afford to ditch the feelings of all those who admired him as the one who launched Starkid and took it to the heights of stardom. The madly in love audience are surely getting a magnanimous chance this season to get hold of Space Tour Team Starkid Tickets as such chances are hard to get hold of. Try in your luck as Space Tour Team Starkid tickets are running out and you would surely not like to lose this opportunity. Grab your share of Space Tour Team Starkid Tickets now and enjoy the fun at the tour!