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You haveseen Spider Man in Marvel’s comic books and you have seen him swinging from New York’s towers on the big screens world over, in the top-grossing movies of Sam Raimi . But now, it is time for you to witness Spider Man on Broadway. You will be thrilled with the special effects. The acting and the songs of the awesome new musical are sure to keep you on your feet.

Spider Man the musical has music and lyrics by U2’s Edge and Bono and the book by the authors Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Julie Taymor and Glen Berger . It is based on Marvel’s extremely well known Spider Man comics, which were created by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee . It is about the story of the beginnings of its main character Peter Parker, his romantic relationship with the character of Mary Jane and his clashes with the evil and wicked Green Goblin. It also includes things like Peter Parker being bullied and the difficulties he faced when he was in high school.The play’sfirst act ends after there is a huge battle between Spider Man and the Green Goblin.

The second act of the musical play is about the romance that evolves between the hero and his neighbor Mary Jane. It also features a second battle which he fights against the Greek myth Arachne, citywide shutdown of electricity and an enigmatic but a happy ending. The innovative element of this version of Spider Man is that the story is narrated by a group of teens who love comic books. They are called the ‘geek chorus’. They not only tell Peter Parker’s story but discuss and argue over what should be happening next in the show.

Spider Man the musical is spectacular in the sense that itconsists of extremely technical stunts, including those where the actors swing from ‘webs’ and numerous mid-air fight scenes. You can see Spider Man and the Green Goblin flying into the audience or over them. Aerial stunts are just one aspect of this magnificent show. The other aspect to be noticed is its wonderful music.

In this theatrical representation, the gang of jocks that bullies Peter Parker sings while doing it and you can also watch Peter and Mary Jane singing about their woeful lives. The best number ofthe musical is the song “Turn off the Dark”. Moreover, ithas an incredibly amazing set design which is like a puzzle box and has breathtaking wirework. Another great thing about this Broadway adaption of the comic book is the significant moments in Spider Man’s history that it provides. It is being said that the thing that stands out the most is the portrayal of the evil Green Goblin by the actor Patrick Page .

Spider Man the musical has been in the making for the past seven years and has finally made its debut. It is being directed by Broadway’s power director Julie Taymor , who has to her credit plays like Across the Universe and Lion King . And it is being said that Julie Taymor along with her team has outdone herself with the making of this musical. Itis being considered as one of the most expensive Broadway productions, costing approximately $70 million on the whole and $1.2 million per week. It also has had the longest ever preview period, as many as 182 preview performances were held.Spider Man’sopening was postponed many times, although it was first played in the month of November in the year 2010. Initially the play received cutting reviews from the critics and so later on it was revised. It again began to be previewed from the 12 th of May, with its official opening being on the 14 th of June in the year 2011. This time round the reviews received for it were much better than before.

Spider Man the musical is an electrifying story that is full of action and music. It will enfold you in a web of intrigue and conspiracy as you watch with bated breaths to discover the villain at heart of this story. Spider Man Tickets are now available so make sure to go and get one for you and your friends as well as family. This is an amazing attempt to bring the marvelous comic book hero on to the stage for the audience to experience the thrill of the stunts and the battles being fought right before them.

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