Spider Man Turn Off The Dark Tickets

One of the most popular superheroes is back at the Spider-Man Turn off the Dark event. The latest installment is an amazing recreation of our favorite superhero like never before. Steve Ditko and Stan Lee originally created the character which has now gone on to become one of the most famous of all time. Apart from being turned into a musical, Spiderman has also been made into a series of movies, the first of which was released in 2002. Fans, to be a part of this sensational visual experience all you need are the Spider-Man Turn off the Dark tickets and rest assured you will love it.
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Spider-Man Turn off the Dark is a rock musical, a fusion of the very best in theater and rock music. The idea was to create a musical that was to be remembered forever so to do its music and the lyrics Bruno and The Edge, from the legendary band U2, were invited onboard. The musical has also had the honor of being the play with the longest preview in history going for one hundred and eighty two shows before opening commercially. It also holds the distinction of being the most expensive show in history completed with a cost of seventy five million dollars.
The plot of Spider-Man Turn off the Dark revolves around Peter Parker. He is an orphan who lives with Uncle Ben and Aunt May. On top of that he is also in love with Mary Jane Watson, the most popular girl in his school. Mary has no idea bout Peter’s feelings for her but they do have one thing in common which is, a turbulent personal life. While Peter is without his parents, Mary has a father who abuses her all the time. Their lives change when they go on a tour of a science lab run by Norman and Emily Osborn. At the lab Peter is bit by a genetically altered spider which turns his life upside down, literally, as he wakes up clinging to the ceiling when he wakes up the next morning. He soon realizes he now has brilliant vision, a very muscular body and spider webs coming out of hands that he can use. Meanwhile Emily dies because of an experiment being conducted by Norman which makes him go insane. Norman genetically turns himself into a monster, the Green Goblin and creates his own army to take over New York.  On the other hand Uncle Ben is murdered and Peter promises to use his special powers to fight crimes and make the city a better place to live in, as the Spiderman. No body knows who the real Spiderman is because he is always dressed in a special costume that covers his face with a mask. His promise to rid the city of crimes makes him come face to face with the Green Goblin in an epic battle of love, hate, power and greed.
Millions have bought Spider-Man Turn off the Dark tickets from the day it first debuted commercially. It is an unbelievable visual experience for everyone who has been lucky enough to watch it live. The way Spiderman jumps from one wall to another during fights was something unheard of before this amazing play rolled into town. These super stunts keep everyone glued to the musical with jaw dropping ease. Its premier has got the biggest coverage of any show in history and rightly so. The sensational Spider-Man Turn off the Dark has been immensely successful with it selling over 1.5 million dollars worth of tickets in the first week of 2011, a Broadway record. Sales improved even further as the year went by which reached a record breaking high of three million dollars over nine performances in the last week of 2011.Spider-Man Turn off the Dark is an experience that simply cannot be missed. Loved and watched by millions, it has been a huge success right from the very first day. A lot of people thought that the cost of seventy five million dollars simply cannot be recovered no matter how good the play is but its has not only recouped it but it is all set to go way beyond it to become one of the true theatrical epics. For a play like no other, a visual experience like no other, fans should buy Spider-Man Turn off the Dark tickets for a doze of theater at its spectacular best.