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When music becomes passion, it is evident from every move and action. One such great passionate DJ Tiesto has set an example of undaunted struggle and endless passion for music. Rated as the number one in the Top 100 Dj’s list of DJ Mag from 2002-2004, Tiesto has made his mark in the music scene in a pithy time. Born in Breda, The Netherlands, Tiesto’s name spread like a wild fire all around the globe. Although he began with a very humble start by performing at a number of school parties and then later on as the resident DJ in the clubs around The Netherlands, his fame knew no bounds when his talent was appreciated during mid 1990’s.

The hit In Search of Sunrise and Magik were the first compilations to be released by Black Hole Recordings which was a company founded by Tiesto and Arny Bink in 1997. Dennis Waakop Reijers later met Tiesto in 1998 and joined the production as a partner. The name Tiesto soon became popular as the solo album hit the market and swept the music lovers with a bang. The debut album In My Memory was released in 2001 and it proved to be a good insignia of Tiesto as an eminent DJ thus proving to be a positive vibe in his career. The way first album gave several hits to Tiesto, the second album was nothing less than that. Released in 2004, Just Be was the second album by Tiesto which garnered a huge following just like his debut album. The same year, Tiesto had the honor to perform at the Summer Olympics at Athens, Greece which was undoubtedly a great honor for an artist like Tiesto. Later Tiesto released the compilation of his performance at the olympics as Parade of the Athletes .

Tiesto has not only displayed his talent in the field of music rather he has rightly utilized music as a medium to benefit the society and to create awareness amongst the public. In this respect Tiesto has taken a big leap and was chosen as the official ambassador for HIV/AIDS awareness organization Dance4Life foundation which focuses on bringing hope for those suffering from HIV/AIDS. In collaboration with Maxi Jazz, Tiesto also released a song Dance4Life to boost the morale of the organization.

Elements Of Life was the third album by Tiesto hitting the market in 2007 and featuring the artists like Christian Burns, Julie Thompson and Jes Brieden. The album was such a big hit that it was ranked number one on dutch album charts while it was also rated at number one on the Billboard Top Electronic Albums in US. The hit radio show ClubLife aired on Radio 538 was also launched the same year in The Netherlands. In the meanwhile Tiesto also started working on his fourth album.

The next album Kaleidoscope was an endeavor of his newly formed label Musical Freedom which was in partnership with PIAS Entertainment Group . Kaleidoscope has the influence of electro/house music while not to forget the eminent collaborations with Calvin Harris, Nelly Furtado and Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke.

The present music scene has a weird air as the DJ’s need to describe their music as melodic dance but Tiesto needs no introduction as his work is evident of his caliber. Tiesto is the embodiment of musical freedom with no boundaries at all. Kaleidoscope has greatly exposed the dance styles of music despite of trance and it is expected of him to be more experimental in his upcoming album due in 2012. Just keep your fingers crossed as Tiesto Tickets are about to give you a chance to witness this great DJ performing right in front of you. Grab this exciting offer as you will definitely love to be the part of this journey which Tiesto Tickets promise. Leap further and grab your share now!

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