Tony N' Tina's Wedding Tickets

Tony n? Tina?s Wedding is an interactive show where the audience participates throughout, playing the part of invited guests at a ?typical? Italian wedding in Queens. The show deals with a couple from the less fashionable side of New York learning about the nuts and bolts of staging a wedding the hard way in this broad comedy based on the long-running off-Broadway play.
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Tony (Joey McIntyre) and Tina (Mila Kunis) decide to take the big step and get married. While they have no qualms about matrimony, they're not so sure about their wedding. Tina's mother (Priscilla Lopez), a widow, and Tony's dad (John Fiore), who split up with Tony's mother some time ago, used to be an item, and they've never gotten over their bitter breakup.

The two families try hard to put together a social event worthy of their children but the parents are constantly at one another's throat. The bride and groom are left to deal with a priest who prefers to do the wedding his own way, a wedding singer who feels requests are beneath his dignity, a wildly eccentric photographer, a pack of brutally hung-over groomsmen, and some unhappy bridesmaids. After all this, Tony and Tina begin to wonder if their relationship can survive the wedding or if the antagonism of their parents is a sign of things to come. The wild, wacky wedding is quite well carried out from beginning to end. Before even entering ?Vinnie Black?s Coliseum? catering hall, where the show takes place, the audience is greeted by the mother and brother of the bride and you soon meet other family members, along with Vinnie and his wife, Loretta, the former Miss Trenton New Jersey. Sometimes if one gets up to find the men?s room, they end up being escorted by Vinnie and Loretta?s ?mentally challenged? son. The groom?s dad invites people in the audience to a meeting with the other men in the back room following the ceremony.

The reception is complete with a dinner buffet followed by dancing. The atmosphere feels like a real fun wedding, from the overblown decorations to the prerequisite nun and priest getting ready for the ceremony. The audience can throw rice, kiss the families and interact with a variety of zany relatives. Actually Tony Nunzio and Tina Vitales have been getting married over and over again since February 14th, 1988 at various venues around the New York City. Tony 'n' Tina's Wedding has been running on and off for more than sixteen years becoming the second longest running play in off Broadway History.

This entertainment miracle has won over the hearts of thousands of people, in over 100 cities worldwide, including Japan, Australia and many European cities. Recently moving to a new midtown location, Sophia?s Restaurant on West 46th Street with a new producer, Anthony and Valentina are getting married all over again. It?s a crowd pleaser, for sure promising fun and laughter.

You?re invited to this wedding and the best part is when the show is over, they?re not really your family.