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Madea is back again to go live on stage. The famous African American character Mable ‘Madea’ Simmons has enthralled and fascinated millions across the globe for years. The aggressive but highly likeable African woman Madea lightens any kind of situation with her humor and quick wits. The character has been featured in various movies and plays that have grossed millions at box office and won numerous accolades and awards. This time the veteran actor, director and playwright Tyler Perry is making Madea work at nursing home.  Perry, famous for creating the female character as well as portraying it himself, has managed to raise the bar even higher this time by penning, directing, and acting in a beautiful script that explores the pains of coping with old age. With his usual style of adding a comic relief through the popular character Madea, Perry is ending Madea’s retirement and forcing her to seek employment at a nursing home to fulfill her probation duties. Madea the play has already garnered rave reviews from audience since its opening. The audience can explore the cheapest place to get Madea gets a Job tickets in order to witness the humorous fun filled theatrical journey.

Madea the play premiered in 2012 at the Orpheum Theater in Memphis. The show features veteran actors and performers including Tony Hightower, Jeffery Lewis, Danny Clay, Melione Daniels, Stephanie Ferret, Maurice Lauchner, Chandra Curreley Young, Cheryl Pepsii Riley, and Tony Grant. Writer and director Tyler Perry continues to portray the title character that guides the protagonists and other actors throughout the show. Perry produced several stage plays during the nineties and came up with his first movie in 2005, "Diary of a Mad Black Woman." The film managed to gross over fifty million dollars domestically. His 2006 release, "Madea’s Family Reunion" grossed sixty five million dollars, opening at number one at box office. Perry’s 2007 production, "Daddy’s Little Girls," managed to bring in a gross total of more than thirty million dollars. In 2007, Perry released another box office number one hit that had the same theme as his play, "Why Did I Get Married?" The movie grossed twenty one million dollars in opening week earnings. Perry’s 2008 projects, "Meet The Browns," opened at number two at box office where as the film "The Family That Preys" managed to gross over thirty seven million dollars.
In 2009, the film starring Perry’s renowned character Madea, "Madea Goes to Jail," was released that witnessed a stellar debut and grossed forty one million dollars becoming Perry’s largest opening film. Perry starred for the first time in a film outside of his own project when he made a cameo appearance in "Star Trek" released in 2009. Perry continues to produce top grossing movies and plays. Apart from movies his stage shows include "I know I’ve been Changed", "Diary of a Mad Black Woman", "Why Did I Get Married", "I Can Do Bad All By Myself", "Madea’s Family Reunion", "Madea’s Class Reunion", "Meet the Browns", "The Marriage Counselors", "Laugh to Keep From Crying", "Madea Goes to Jail", "Madea’s Happy Family", and "Aunt Bam’s Place" amongst others. Perry earned a hundred and thirty million dollars during 2010 – 2011 and Forbes dubbed him as the ‘highest paid man in entertainment.’ Perry’s Madea Gets a Job can be witnessed by finding cheapest place to get Madea Gets a Job tickets.
Mabel ‘Madea’ Simmons made her first appearance in Tyler’s 1999 show "I Can Do Bad All by Myself." The play introduced the widely acclaimed African American over weight Mammy archetype woman. Standing tall at six feet and five inches, Madea has flair of threatening people with her guns as well as her sharp tongue. She easily manages to skip police encounters with her flamboyant and loud personality. Madea has been a part of Perry’s several plays and films including "Madea’s Big Happy Family," "Meet the Browns," "Madea’s Family Reunion" and "Diary of Black Woman." She has portrayed a main character in films "Madea’s Big Happy Family" as well as "Madea Goes to Jail". ‘Madea gets a Job’ will see Madea hop on another fun filled ride at the nursing home amongst old people. By exploring the cheapest place to get Madea Gets a Job tickets, the audience can witness Madea as she will bring out another social message wrapped in humor and comedy.

There is not a better entertainment than a nice play at one of the finest theaters in town. After the dull everyday chores, an hour or two getting a dose of comedy is all one needs to revitalize. And there are some people outside who work to bring such kind of entertainment to masses. Tyler Perry is one of them. After scores of plays and shows that he has produced, he has come up with a brand new play, Tyler Perrys Madea Gets a Job.
The play which is brand new entry in Perry’s collection of comedy came out as recently as in March 2012. The initial tour was announced in all the major cities and received a positive response from all over. Chicago, Washington, Atlanta, San Diego, Los Angeles, Baltimore and Dallas were among the cities where the play was taken. The anticipation of watching Perry’s newest work was also noticeable among the fans. Tyler Perrys Madea Gets a Job takes audience in another one of Madea’s adventures as she tries to do stuff which gets out of hand somehow. This latest play is about Madea getting a job in a retirement house so that she can keep up with the economy but the incidents that follow her around in her pursuits comes here as well and she gets into troubles. Just like former Madea plays, this one is also full of humor that can roll audience in laughter.
Tyler Perrys Madea Gets a Job is not Perry’s first work as he has been in the business of acting, direction, production, screen and playwriting for a long time. Moreover, Perry is also into songwriting and has worked on several records. From the period of 1990s to early 2000s, Perry wrote a number of plays which were equally good; and came out with his first film in 2005 named, Diary of a Mad Black Woman. He won two BET Comedy Awards and one Black Movie Award for this. He is the highest paid man in entertainment according to Forbes.  
The character of Madea that is the main character in Tyler Perrys Madea Gets a Job started with Madea’s Family Reunion in 2006. The second in the series came out in 2009 titled Madea Goes to Jail. Both of these films were highly successful and the next one came out after a stage play, Madea’s Big Happy Family. This was turned into a film in 2011 and till that year, Perry has done a business of $500 million through his films alone. In most of Perry’s stage works, he has used his character Madea. Meet the Browns, Madea’s Class Reunion, I Can Do Bad All by Myself and A Madea Christmas are among his play works. He has received numerous nominations for his contributions in film and theater.  
Tyler Perrys Madea Gets a Job has all the aspects of a good theater play; it’s fresh, it’s refreshing and the direction and performances are also remarkable. Moreover, Perry dressed as Madea is something which is entertaining on its own and audience laughs as he tries to act as a woman. His way of delivering and satire is what sets the onlookers in fits of laughter. His comedy style is regarded as one of the best and unique among the contemporaries. Madea has become his trademark character and it never gets old for fans as it brings something new every time to bring smiles to ones who need it. For anyone who has watched previous plays relating to Madea and her adventures, this new one has proved as another play to have fun at. And for people, who haven’t had a chance of getting to know Perry and his talents, they can have some from this play and they are sure to become his fans. Tyler Perrys Madea Gets a Job tickets gained a lot of attention even as they came out for the first time and will keep on being the center of attention for coming times as well.

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