Washington National Opera Manon Lescaut Tickets

Washington National Opera Manon Lescaut tickets bring to you the popular opera by Giacomo Puccini. The intriguing story is based on the novel by the sensational author Abbé Prévost of the 1700s. The book was well received and for this reason a musical version was made. As Puccini had rightly assumed, the third opera by Puccini turned out to be a big success for him. The bittersweet tale of love has been showing to packed theaters and because of its emotionally powerful story and intense performances it has been drawing great reviews.

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Set in France, plot of Manon Lescaut revolves around the willful woman who wants a life of luxury and is torn between love and worldly goods. The unbridled passion, desire to be rich and the struggles of the woman to have what she desires have been beautifully captured in Washington National Opera Manon Lescaut show.
The lead of the story Manon Lescaut is portrayed as a powerful character, headstrong and determined to go her way even if the ride seems uncertain and risky. Following her desires, she makes tough decisions that also land her in trouble. The opera proceeds to show her struggles as she tries to make things right for her life, but fate has other plans for her.
The dramatic opera shows Manon as a beautiful woman who runs with the handsome Des Grieux, portrayed as a poor student. The moment the two meet they fall for one another and the initial meeting is the start of the love saga. The journey that is supposed to take Manon to a convent ends up as a journey that changes her life forever. As the two run away to Paris they enjoy a brief period of happiness together. Manon however is unable to give up her dream of a wealthy life and luxuries that an elderly patron, Geronte offers her, but either she can hold on to her love or have a life style she desires. Manon, however, wants both. Lured by the rich life Geronte offers she becomes his mistress.
As it turns out having the luxuries she desired does not make her complete and she craves for the love of Des Grieux. She desires to be back with him and finally when he admits to be with her once again they plan to elope and start a new life together.  While getting ready for her future Manon starts collecting Geronte’s treasures and is caught red handed. She is convicted for immorality and theft and exiled to America. Des Grieux unconditional love does not allow him to leave her alone in distress. The story takes a sad turn as the couple heads towards a dark future.
The moving story shows how the society punishes Manon for her brazen behavior, but it also evokes empathy for the character torn between having the best of everything life can bring her way. It is a desire that we can all relate to. It leaves on the audiences to judge Manon and make out her personality as she appears to them.
The tale of passion beautifully touches the theme of love, betrayal, of delinquency and intense romance. The interesting twists throughout make it a gripping experience. The fascinating characters have a realistic appeal and that is what makes it so touching.
The worthwhile production boasts of impressive tunes and performances that enhance the storyline. The complimenting costumes and sets provide the perfect blend that makes the overall experience a compelling one. Washington National Opera Manon Lescaut show boasts of impressive vocals and wonderful music variety that add to the appeal of the opera. It is showing to full houses and there is an overwhelming demand for the tickets. If you want to enjoy the powerful performances by the talented artists get Washington National Opera Manon Lescaut fast before they finish.