Washington National Opera Norma Tickets

One of the most amazing operas of all time makes its way to an iconic venue to headline the Washington National Opera Norma event. This is a coming together of two of the biggest names in performing arts that have set the bar in terms of excellence for decades. It will be nothing short of mesmerizing which is why Washington National Opera Norma tickets should not be missed out on.

The venue that will play host to the Washington National Opera Norma is one of the most famous venues in the USA. The Washington National Opera was the brainchild of the music critic Day Thorpe who created it in the year 1957. Paul Callaway was appointed as the first music director shortly afterwards. One of the very first productions held at the venue was the ballet The Unicorn, The Gorgon and the Manticore. It turned out to be a huge hit that had fans and critics everywhere raving about it. More epics like Le Rossignol and The Magic Flute among others followed to put in on the map. Many regarded the formation and success of the Washington National Opera during those early days as a pivotal moment in giving the city a renewed artistic identity.
The 1960’s saw the opera welcome the legendary Igor Stravinsky to perform Le Rossignol. The management decided to give the opera a new direction in the late 1960’s and for that purpose new people were brought onboard. Richard Pearlman took over the role of the General Manager in 1967 which was followed by Ian Strasfogel in 1972 and then George London taking over in 1977. During this time productions like The Turn of the Screw, La boheme, Vanessa and Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny among many other notable productions were held there. Martin Feinstein took over in 1980 and for the next sixteen years worked tirelessly to solidify its status among the best in the world. That was followed by the reign of Placido Domingo that lasted till 2011 to make the Washington National Opera a hallmark of excellence and one of the best in the world. From the early days of its establishment to this very time and age it has stood the test of time to stage one epic after another and etch its name in the glorious history of theater forever and a day.
On the other side of the equation that completes the Washington National Opera Norma is the legendary opera Norma by Vicenzo Bellini. This wonderful masterpiece revolves around a story of love, betrayal and revenge. The protagonist is none other than a woman named Norma who is in love with Pollione, the father of their children. They are both from opposing sides of the Roman-Gallic war. Norma is a Druid priestess while Pollione is a proconsul from the enemy ranks. After a while he falls out of love with Norma and gets involved with a younger prettier girl named Andalgisa. The two of them fell to Rome while leaving Norma in the lurch. The treachery hurts Norma who decides to murder her own children but could not bring herself to do that because of her immense love for them. What all that however does is that it turns a normal humble droid into a fighter looking to take her revenge. This is just a little insight into this fantastic opera which will take fans through a ride that will leave them captivated and speechless by the time it reaches its conclusion.
Excellence to the level of perfection is what defines the Washington National Opera Norma event. It doesn’t happen too often that you get to see such a picture perfect combination of an opera and a venue of such big stature come together to headline one event. The stage is set for this amazing spectacle and you can be a part of it by simply buying Washington National Opera Norma tickets.