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The world of musical theatre was redefined when West Side Story stepped into the arena. A literary derivation from William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, this musical has been entertaining millions of people all over the world since it was first produced by Broadway in 1957.

The first time, it successfully ran for a total of 732 shows before going on tour and also received a nomination for ‘Best Musical’ in the Tony Awards the same year. Later, the show did even better in London and ran for longer time. After that, a musical film by the name of West Side Story was made in 1961. It starred Natalie Wood and Richard Beamer , was directed by Robert Wise and managed to sweep away ten Academy Awards after being nominated for eleven.

From then to now, West Side Story has been produced worldwide by theatres, schools as well as opera houses. And now, once again, West Side Story is being brought to you, in a completely new, fresh and innovative manner; breaking all records and making history.

The success of the new and revolutionary West Side Story can be attributed to the winning team that made it what it is. Jerome Robbins has done the choreography and has even won a Tony Award for it. The fabulous Arthur Laurents has done the direction, Leonard Bernstein has provided the music and Stephen Sondheim is the person behind the lyrics. The brilliance of it all put together has given West Side Story a new and exciting energy that it has never had before. This team has taken the musical to a completely new level and is more engaging than ever before. Most part of the credit obviously goes to the cast members, who seem like thoroughly seasoned professionals.

The theme of West Side Story is so enjoyable that it appeals to even those who aren’t big fans of musicals or theatre. The musical is set in the mid 1950s in New York City and tells the story of two conflicting street gangs made by teenagers. Both gangs are of different ethnicities; Sharks belonging to Puerto Rico and the Jets belonging to the white working class. With the Jets always ridiculing the Sharks and humiliating their race and ethnicity, the hatred between both gangs keeps broiling. The story takes a turn when one of the Jets, Tony, falls in love with Maria, who is Sharks’ leader Bernardo’s sister. What follows in the West Side Story is immensely engaging, truly entertaining and by far, one of the best love stories ever made in musical theatre.

It is the right combination of drama, theatre, emotion and art. The stage is effectively brought to life by magnificent dance scenes on songs like ‘America’, ‘Something’s Coming’, ‘Jet Song’, ‘Tonight’, ‘Maria’, ‘Somewhere’, ‘I feel pretty’, ‘Cool’, ‘One Hand One Heart’ and ‘Gee, Officer Krupke’.

What’s interesting is that the West Side Story isn’t just a fatuous love story; it is actually a significant piece of art that sheds light on the social issues that were prevalent in most parts of the US during the 1950s. It tells a story of racial discrimination at the teenage level back then and shows how minority groups were treated. Although that is a small part of the entire show, there is definitely some weight to it.

With the legendary West Side Story in theatres so close to you, you now have an opportunity to experience the magic of this ground breaking musical. So to see the brilliant direction by Arthur Laurents coupled with award-winning choreography by Jerome Robbins light up the stage and give you a few hours of pure and unadulterated entertainment, grab your friends and family and get your West Side Story Tickets today. This is definitely something that you do not want to miss!

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