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A complete package of entertainment for all performing arts lovers, Blue Man Group Cincinnati is a show featuring amazing acts and melodious music. Even with the absence of dialogues it manages to engage the audience and keep them hooked with the interesting themes.

Blue Man Group is the brainchild of three creative individuals Phil Stanton, Matt Goldman and Chris Wink. Formed in the late eighties, it has successfully positioned among the top rated entertainment programs anticipated every year with great enthusiasm. The trio with a motto of putting a smile on every single face in the audience ensures to keep a different theme every time in their show. So far it has focused on abstract concepts such as innocence, self conscious, information overload, internet and others. Apart from this, it has also featured a number of talented guests and vocalists such as Dave Matthews, Gavin Rossdale, Venus Hum and Tracy Bonham to name a few.  Being a favorite of audiences globally, it has earned a Drama Desk Award for ‘Unique Theatrical Experience’, Grammy Award for ‘Audio’ as well as an Off Broadway Alliance Award for ‘The Best Long- Running Show’. It is time for a brand new production of the show and Blue Man Group Cincinnati tickets are available for sale! Paint yourself blue and be a part of the show to witness the spectacular performance art absolutely  live!

The Blue Man Group is an organization established by Chris Wink, Phil Stanton and Matt Goldman. It took the world by storm with their variety show in New York City over two decades ago.
Ever since their very first performance more than ten years ago, Blue Man Group has mesmerized the world through their innovative and spectacular performances with the use of music, imagination, technology, and humor. The three men wear blue make up and bald masks that make them stand out on the stage. Through their unique acts they attract people of all age groups.
And now the Blue Man Group has earned the credibility to be featured as an ongoing show in Las Vegas, with the likes of headliners such as Cirque du Soleil and Chris Angel. Now conveniently without having to travel across the country to experience this once in a life time opportunity, see Blue Man Group Cincinnati show in your very own city, with your Blue Man Group Cincinnati tickets.
This is an event you must not miss, as you can see a unique form of art where color and music are blended together through innovation, to create entertainment the world has never seen before. Be a part of the celebration and watch the sensational show that USA Today calls, "absolutely ecstatic experience".  It is a brilliant, tremendous and engaging show that you will leave you thoroughly entertained.

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