Blue Man Group Las Vegas NV Tickets

The Blue Man Group is a performance group that focuses on music and dramatizing avant-garde pieces. They perform all of their shows wearing a blue skin suit, hence the name. The Blue Man Group Las Vegas NV show will showcase a blend of music and performance art productions, and different informative segments that talk of museums and exhibitions. Although they are most popular for their music, Blue Man Group Las Vegas NV tickets will bring you to their event, which is formatted like a variety show, ranging from a "Science and Technology" segment where they showcase objects like fractals and talk about them, to a comedy sketch known as "Innocence" where the actors pretend to be oblivious to the modern day technologies.

Their music has not only been popular, but it is also the segment that has achieved most critical acclaim. In the music segment of the Blue Man Group Las Vegas NV show, the performers would play their original tracks and some covers of other songs as well. Their original work has been recorded and released as well. The studio albums have done considerably well in the market, too; their first album, "Audio" was even nominated for a Grammy Award. Over the years, the group has experimented with all forms of music. It started with Broadway and theatrical music, went into rock and alternative and has eventually settled into a techno-pop sound. The Vegas show will thus be two hours of complete entertainment.

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